Prep | Year 2 News

Unit of Inquiry

Transdisciplinary Theme: Who We Are

Central Idea: Individuals and communities grow by appreciating rights and responsibilities

Concepts: Responsibility, Perspective and Causation

As part of our inquiry of inquiry into Who We Are, the boys have been exploring how their actions, feelings and thoughts impact upon growth, and their different responsibilities in different relationships.  The boys have begun the year by co-constructing their class Essential Agreements. By having ownership over the way their classroom will be run, our boys are able to feel empowered within their learning community. 

The boys have engaged in a number of learning experiences to build their wellbeing and resilience in Year 2. They have used their Learner Profile attributes as thinkers and communicators to consider big and small problems they may encounter and possible strategies for resolving problems.  

The Zones of Regulation has been an effective resource for supporting self-regulation, as students begin to identify strategies that can help them return to the ‘Green Zone’.

The boys have developed Learner Profile Goals and have been reflective in providing evidence of how they have met their goal. Goal setting and reflection will remain a focus for the year.


Reading groups have been an opportunity for the boys to work independently to build on their Literacy skills. The boys have engaged in independent writing, reading with the teacher, spelling games, and speaking and listening experiences. Literacy groups are differentiated according to each boy’s need and ability, and a wonderful way for the boys to stretch their skills in a small group environment. 

The Year Two boys have begun their year of writing by using various grammatical sentence structures to describe themselves and others. A sound knowledge of different sentence types and structures will strengthen the boys independent writing throughout the year. In our upcoming unit: How We Organise Ourselves, our learners will be analysing non-fiction texts and identifying their features. They will consider how the features of non-fiction texts can be used to find facts. In our next Unit of Inquiry, the boys will be planning and writing informative texts, focusing on information reports.


Since the beginning of term, Year 2 has been exploring the concept of Whole Number. Throughout the unit, the boys have developed their understanding of place value, comparing and ordering numbers and counting patterns. These foundational understandings of mathematics will give our learners a strong basis on which to build their mathematical knowledge and processes throughout the year. 

Our boys used their Learner Profile attribute as Inquirers to consider how many different ways they could make the number 8. We had many different solutions: 5+3; 1+1+1+1+1+1+1+1; 12 – 4; 8 ones. Can you add to our list?

In Year 2, the boys engage in problem-based maths learning. Learning begins with a problem to be solved, and the problem is posed in such a way that students need to gain new knowledge before they can solve the problem.  You can help support your boys in their maths learning through engaging in set Mathletics tasks that are set each week to consolidate current understandings.

Home Learning 

We acknowledge the beliefs, expectations and experience of parents are a powerful determinant in a student’s achievement. The Year 2 teachers are eager to work in partnership with families to boost the boys’ understanding and skills across all key learning areas. Home readers are sent home each week to maximise opportunities for the boys to practise reading strategies that are being taught in class. Boys are to record their reading in their record books as evidence of their home learning. By setting aside time to read with your boy, you are showing him that you value him as a reader. 

Mathletics tasks are set each week to consolidate learning that is occurring in the classroom.

Mathletics helps the boys develop their number sense and the ability to develop flexible problem-solving skills. Home learning tasks seek to connect learning at school with student’s home life to engage everyone in the holistic education of the child. 


The students have returned with renewed enthusiasm for their Music lessons and have settled well back into the routine of bringing their stringed instruments for their group/ensemble lessons on a Wednesday.  They have also identified a learning Goal for music that will drive their GROWTH throughout the year.  During the Classroom Music lesson, they have been learning the importance of dance in our lives in helping them develop their fine and gross motor skills and creativity and expressive elements.


The boys have been looking at how people greet each other in different languages. By gaining insights into other cultures, they learn to socially connect with one another through mutual understanding and respect. A lion dance performance will be held at school on 11th February as our special way to celebrate Lunar New Year together as a community.  In the next couple of weeks, the boys will be reviewing the Chinese numbers and making meaningful connections about their school routine using the concept of time.

Christian Studies

Welcome to another exciting year in Christian Studies. How to make friends and influence people. When we ask this question about Jesus, the answer is interesting. This term, the boys will be exploring what happened when a variety of people from different cultures met Jesus. The boys will be investigating how different people responded to Jesus, why they accepted him as a friend and how he influenced and impacted the different cultures of his time. We will be doing this through drama, roleplaying as we lead up to Easter where we see how all these people influenced Jesus life.

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