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Unit of Inquiry 

Transdisciplinary Theme: How we organise ourselves

Central Idea: Systems are used to organise communities

Related Concepts: Systems, Interdependence, Maps, Place, Efficiency, Community

Throughout our Unit of Inquiry into How We Organise Ourselves, the boys have been learning about systems. They have been learning that processes form parts of a system, but systems are made up of parts, people and interactions. To further their growing understanding of systems, the Year 2 boys got together as grade to discuss:

How do systems connect communities?

Concepts: Form, Connection

As a launch pad, we talked about our pen pals that we will be writing to throughout the year. We looked at our school location on a map and our pen pal’s locations to focus our thinking:

What is the form of a map? 

Isaac D: the map shows different places

Arjun: the green is for the grass, a park or a field, and the blue is for the water

Vino: the yellow parts are the roads

Sachin: the green boxes on the different roads tell us the name of the roads

When we zoom out, how does the map change?

Peter: we aren’t just looking at Sydney now

James K: there’s more of the country showing

Eric: there’s more places marked

Logan: capital bold writing is for the states

Milo: Australian Capital Territory means Canberra

Gavin: the red line is to estimate the states

What systems will we use to connect with our pen pals?

Abhay: the writing system

Peter: mail system

Liam: the postal system

Balan: aeroplanes are part of the system

Patrick L: the transportation system

Henry K: the electricity system, it’s connected to the transportation system and the postal system, but not really the writing system

Aden: the school system

To support your son’s geography learning at home, look at maps and discuss your location, your family member’s locations and perhaps some places you have been. 

In STEAM the boys are looking at digital systems. They have started by inquiring into the form and function of a computer; this includes looking at inputs and outputs in a system. To support this learning at home you could identify digital systems in your home: washing machine, air-con etc and investigate how they work and what they are connected to. 


It is exciting to see the boys becoming more confident with their spelling sorts each week and engaging in a range of spelling experiences each morning. Practising spelling words at home will support your son and develop his understanding of spelling patterns that will aid him in both reading and writing. 

In connection with our Unit of Inquiry, the boys have been developing their research skills in order to write informative texts. Our learners have explored the form of informative texts by analysing their features and discussed how the function of informative texts are different from other types of texts, including letters and narratives. 

In Literacy Groups, Year 2 have been working independently to identify features of informative texts and summarise facts and details. There has been a particular focus on the structure of paragraphs and how paragraphs are used to sort ideas and information. The boys have put their new learning into action by using paragraphs effectively in their independent writing.


In Maths lessons the boys have been developing strategies to aid them in addition and subtraction.  The boys are building skills in solving a range of addition and subtraction problems using a variety of efficient mental and written strategies. They have learned and practised the jump strategy and the split strategy. There has been plenty of opportunity for hands-on exploration of these strategies using whiteboards and number lines. The boys have explored the connection between addition and subtraction and will have more practise on this in the coming week.

To support your son’s Maths learning at home, please engage in set Mathletics tasks for the week. 


Year 2 has settled once again into the rhythm of String and Classroom Music lessons.  In the Classroom Music lessons they have inquired into the connection between movement and music and the degree to which movement can change but still be classified as dance. They have certainly been creative with their movements and worked on their fine and gross motor skills to be able to maintain the beat. Their rhythmic notation skills are developing to support their aural skills as they analyse the FORM of the studied repertoire.

Internet Safety Week

As part of Internet Safety Week boys have discussed how we can stay safe using our iPads at school. If you have not yet discussed this at home a great place to start is This site has online safety guidance and family tech agreements similar to the ICT agreement you will have received from school. How to stay safe whilst using a device forms part of the GROWTH programme and will be taught during the year.  

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