Prep | Year 1 News

Welcome to Year One. We’ve had a great start to the year, which has been filled with new and exciting experiences. The boys have been developing an understanding of their new classroom environments and developing new friendships. We’re looking forward to building collaborative partnerships with you and your son as the year develops.

We have commenced the year by inquiring into the Transdisciplinary theme, ‘Who We Are’. We have been busy inquiring into our ever-evolving personalities, who we are as individuals, who we want to become and what the Learner Profile attributes look like, sounds like and feel like. The boys will continue to revisit this overarching inquiry throughout the course of the year. 

Central Idea: 

  • Individuals and communities grow by appreciating rights and responsibilities 

Lines of Inquiry:

  • Growing as a learner/person by making positive choices
  • Our choices have consequences on our health and wellbeing
  • Taking responsibility for the rights of myself and others 


  • Connection, Responsibility, Causation 

In week 4 the boys will embark on a new inquiry into understanding cultural diversity and what it means to be a globally minded citizen. We will begin our unit by exploring various cultural artefacts from musical instruments such as rainbow sticks, didgeridoos and clapping sticks to bi-lingual story books, cultural games, traditional Chinese celebrations and the smells of popular spices from around the world such as cardamom pods, cinnamon and ginger. We would like to invite you and your family to assist the boys in their inquiry. If you have any cultural items or artefacts that you would be happy to send to school with your child, please begin to send these in from week 3 onwards. We are wanting to explore the various cultures that our boys are a part of. This could be traditional cultural clothing, images of cultural foods, items or images from religious events or festivals or even items that you treasure when you have visited other cultures. 

Central Idea: 

  • Understanding cultural diversity creates global citizens

Lines of Inquiry: 

  • Cultures I am a part of 
  • Appreciating differences enriches our lives 
  • How to be a global citizen 


  • Perspective, Responsibility, Reflection


During our Maths engagements, students have been exploring time through sequencing months and seasons through using calendars to identify days and months of the year, including significant cultural and personal events. We explored how many boys have their birthdays in each month and season. The next focus areas in Maths will be data. We will be exploring the use of tally marks and how to create simple bar and column graphs. 


In Year 1, we have been looking at How We Express Ourselves through Music. We have begun to examine how song and dance can be used to express culture and beliefs. The boys have enjoyed singing songs from Italy and have been keen to create movements to accompany the songs. Through this immersion in another culture, the boys have begun to develop an awareness and respect for others.

The Italian songs have been specifically chosen to help the boys learn to sing simple solfa notes with hand signs. The boys have also started to write these notes on stave lines with developing confidence and aural awareness. (Nicole Smeulders)


The boys have been looking at how people greet each other in different languages.  A lion dance performance will be held at school on 11th February as our special way to celebrate Lunar New Year together as a community. By connecting with one another through mutual understanding and respect, the boys reflect on their own purpose of learning Mandarin.  They will be learning about food and drinks vocabulary with meaningful inquiry into multi-cultural celebrations in the coming weeks.

Christian Studies

Who am I? What a great game and one filled with easy and hard questions. After starting the year with our class goals and agreements, we are exploring the wondrous question, “Who am I?”. We will be investigating how Jesus answered that question to a variety of people, some of whom friends and others were just curious. We will be exploring them through drama and role playing as well as creating some stories from Lego. We will continue to use our Read with Me Bibles in class, and your son may find it helpful to read the stories in his own time.

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