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In UOI the boys have started to inquire into the responsibility we have as local and global citizens to help the survival of living things around the world. We will be looking into local and global case studies and thinking about what action we could take to help the survival of living things. For example – deforestation. It would be fantastic if you continued your research on global issues at home with your boys and encouraged them to show responsibility and to take action.

Next week the boys will begin a new unit How We Organise Ourselves.

Central Idea: 

  • Primary resources can be processed in different ways.

Lines of Inquiry: 

  • interconnectedness of human made systems and communities
  • the structure and function of organisations
  • societal decision-making
  • economic activities and their impact on humankind and the environment.


  • Connection, Change, Function

Within this unit, Year 1 boys will be inquiring into production processes. They will begin by exploring the concepts of change and connection by investigating the different products that come from a cow and the processes involved in getting these products from the farm to the home.

They will need their skills as thinkers and inquirers to explore how milk is turned into dairy products such as milk, cream and cheese. Later in the unit, boys will be provided with the opportunity to explain the production process of a chosen primary resource to their peers through an oral presentation (more information will be sent home closer to time). 

Starting conversations at home about where particular foods/ items come from is a great way to assist your son with his thinking and communication skills. Some examples include: How is cheese made? Where does wool come from? 


Next week Year 1 will begin a volume, capacity and mass unit. The boys will measure, record, compare and estimate volumes and capacities using uniform informal units. We will begin to explore the differences between volume and capacity as we seek to understand each concept. 

Throughout the unit the boys will practise using informal units of measurement to estimate and measure. The boys will use water and sand to measure the capacity of different containers and then use blocks to measure the volume of the same containers. The boys will develop their understanding of mass by practising the skill of hefting when comparing the mass of two objects. 


In writing the boys have been developing the skills required to write effective, well-structured information reports.  Next week, they will begin to break down the features of persuasive texts, including letter writing and creating posters. They will need to practise using language to convince the reader that their opinion is the right one. For example:

It is certain that…

I’m sure you can agree that…

I strongly believe that…

It is clear that…


In Music, we have continued to look at our Central idea of: How Music and Nature are in Harmony. 

The boys were introduced to another rainbow lorikeet called Cheeky. We learnt to sing a song about him, which emphasised particular solfa and rhythmic patterns. By using their thinking skills, the boys learnt to aurally recognise these patterns within the song. With practice, students wrote the rhythmic and melodic notation of the song on the musical stave. 

The Year 1 boys have continued to develop their ability to play instruments from the String family. We look forward to having our end of Semester String concert, where the boys will perform as part of an ensemble.

Christian Studies

The boys began this term exploring the concept of covenants. They started by investigating how we make promises and agreements with each other in a variety of ways – school, home and friends. They have been exploring the key concepts of function and causation, as well as delving deeper into the related concepts of relationships, promises, and consequences. Genesis 12 to 50 offers us a strong perspective of what God’s promises and covenant look like. The boys have been thinking about how God’s promises and covenant are established and fulfilled through a variety of experiences in the lives of Abraham to Joseph. In Chapel, the boys have been learning Memory Verses from the Bible – a way to remember key verses that can teach, change and impact the way our faith in God and the way we live.

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