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Unit of Inquiry

Last week we began our new UOI, Sharing the Planet. Our central idea, ‘Living things have needs for survival’, will be explored through various learning engagements. We will be learning about animal habitats, animal features and how animal features help them to survive in their habitat. We will then be shifting the focus of our inquiry and looking through the conceptual lens of responsibility as we explore how we can help look after and maintain the habitats around us. At home, your son can be exploring the backyard to discover what animals have their habitats in your backyard. They can explore what the habitats look like (form) and I can reflect on what features those animals have to help them survive in that habitat.


For the next couple of weeks in maths we will be inquiring into length and area. The boys will measure, record, compare and estimate lengths using uniform informal units. The boys will use uniform informal units to measure length and distances by placing the units end to end without gaps or overlaps. They will learn to record lengths and distances and will compare the lengths of two or more objects using uniform informal units. 


In writing we have begun a four weeklong unit on writing informative texts. We have begun by exploring the differences between facts and opinions. Well then move on to look at this overall structure of an informative text and breakdown the individual parts of the text over four weeks. 


In Music lessons, we have been collaborating with the UOI: Sharing the Planet. Our Central Idea is: How Music and Nature are in Harmony. 

I introduced the boys to my pet, Olive, who is a very clever rainbow lorikeet. I showed the boys some videos of Olive dancing and using his beak to copy my rhythms on his little drum. The boys were amazed that Olive could imitate the sounds exactly. I made up a poem about Olive which highlights his drumming and dancing ability. Particular rhythmic units were emphasised, which the boys have learnt to write and recognise aurally. By using our thinking skills, we have been able to make the association between sound and the written symbol. 

It seems that music and nature are really in harmony with each other! (Nicole Smeulders)


Over the last 2 weeks, the Year 1 students have learned to compose and share their Easter holiday activities through modelled language in Mandarin. Interesting perspectives were formed on how others may celebrate their holiday differently.

The boys are introduced to twelve Chinese zodiac animals through legendary folk stories. Authentic connections are established using the principle of Yin Yang circle associated with the animals. They will reflect on how these two concepts may act as a balancing tool in practising the PYP Learner Profiles and Approach to Learning. There will also be a focus on establishing meaningful inquiry between animals and their habitats later this term which is closely linked to the UOI: Sharing the Planet.

Parents Supporting Units of Inquiry

We are fortunate at Trinity Prep to have parents that work in a wide variety of industries and professions. In the past, Units of Inquiry have been enriched by having parents come in to speak to the boys or provide learning experiences that relate to their area of expertise. 

If you are interested in adding your name to a list for the Pre-Kindergarten to Year 6 teachers to access during the planning phase of each unit, and contact you to see if you’re available to share your expertise with the boys, please complete this form.

Thank you for your continued support in enriching the learning opportunities for our students.

Mrs K Hitz-Morton | Director of Early Learning and Primary Curriculum

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