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Unit of Inquiry

In Unit of Inquiry we have continued to explore our central idea, ‘Understanding cultural diversity creates global citizens’, through various learning engagements. We had the opportunity to learn from Wandana about Aboriginal culture through an incursion. The boys loved learning about traditional symbols used in paintings, traditional tools and implements and mostly they loved having their faces painted. We have been exploring other cultures, communities and religions during our play based learning inquiries. The boys have enjoyed engaging in making Rangoli patterns, reading books in other languages and drawing significant cultural sites. 

As the boys gain knowledge and insights into other cultures and countries, they are developing an awareness of what it means to be a global citizen. The boys have been coming up with some great ideas of what it means to be global. 

I can be global by…

  • Listening to music from different cultures
  • Travelling to new cultures and countries
  • Being open-minded and trying to speak a new language
  • Speaking more than one language
  • Being caring and giving money to people in other countries who are in need

Please remember that next week we have the cultural presentations. The boys will be required to give a short presentation in week 10 about an aspect of their culture using a cultural artefact. 

Presentation Information:

  • Length: 2 minutes
  • When: Term 1, Week 10
  • Topic: Speak about an aspect of your culture using an artefact eg: flag, clothing, photo.
  • What is the artefact? (Form)
  • What does it represent? (Reflection)
  • Is it used as part of a ritual, festival or celebration? (Perspective)

All boys will be required to bring their artefact to school by Friday March 26 (Week 9) and be ready to present throughout the week.


Over the last few weeks, we have been learning new strategies for addition and subtraction such as the jump strategy and split strategy. Next term in Maths we will begin by learning about position. The boys will learn to follow and give simple directions through using positional language, e.g. next to, in between, behind, left, right, on top of, under, diagonal, opposite. 

Christian Studies

The boys have continued to make connections with our UOI on “Jesus | The “I am” sayings in John’s Gospel”. Over the last few weeks the boys have eaten the story (I am the bread of life), been sheep, thieves and wild animals (I am the good shepherd) and tried to work their way through a maze (I am the way, the truth and the life). Over the next two weeks, they will be exploring what Jesus meant when he said “I am the resurrection and the life” with a focus on Easter and what Jesus did for us. They continue to use their thinking, research and communication skills to explore their questions. Next term, the boys will be jumping back into the Old Testament looking at the life of Joseph. A movie that you may find interesting to watch in the holidays is called “Joseph. King of Dreams” by DreamWorks.


Throughout the last few weeks, Year 1 boys have been learning about a range of food especially from Chinese cuisine. They apply thinking and research skills to find out the resemblance of sound between Chinese food which were originally adapted from English words. To support the inquiry and articulation of new ideas, they have enjoyed naming their creative dishes by combining different food items. The boys continue to develop their comprehension in extended dialogue related to food preferences. Advanced learners will soon be introduced to Chinese Reader which links their prior knowledge with this vocabulary.

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