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Unit of Inquiry

Over the past two weeks the boys started the new unit ‘How We Express Ourselves.’ This Unit will be continuing until the end of term. 

Central Idea: 

  • Understanding cultural diversity creates global citizens

Lines of Inquiry: 

  • Cultures I am a part of 
  • Appreciating differences enriches our lives 
  • How to be a global citizen 


  • Perspective, Responsibility, Reflection

Within this unit the boys have been inquiring into the understanding of cultural diversity and what it means to be a globally minded citizen. The boys have been open minded, full of curiosity and wonder as they have explored different cultures, religions and beliefs. The boys have been encouraged to make connections to the communities and cultures they feel a part of. One highlight has been when the class created their own ‘Elmer the Patchwork Elephant’ based on the story by David McKee. This included the boys decorating their own ‘patch’ with the different communities and cultures they feel a connection to. This emphasised the idea that although we all share different cultures, beliefs and traditions, we are all one in the same and we should respect each other and our differences. Over the coming weeks the boys will continue to unpack what it means to be a global citizen and the attributes associated. It has been an excellent start to the inquiry into the Unit and we continue to encourage that parents reflect on these different experiences with your son. 

As mentioned in the previous newsletter, we would appreciate it if you have any cultural items or artefacts that you would be happy to send to school with your child, could you please do so. This could include traditional cultural clothing, images of cultural foods, items or images from religious events or festivals or even items that you treasure when you have visited other cultures. We would love to be able to highlight the boys’ cultural backgrounds and encourage further inquiry. 

The boys will also be required to speak about their culture for a presentation in the coming weeks. We strongly recommend the boys bring a cultural picture, artefact or family photo to help them with this. Thank you in advance for your support, more details will be sent home next week.

In STEAM the boys are following a design thinking cycle to plan, make and reflect on the construction of their dragon heads. They will then use these in the gym as part of their dance unit.


In Mathematics the boys have been looking at different ways to gather and represent Data and discuss their findings. They have used a variety of methods to record Data such as picture graphs, tally charts, and bar graphs. They have begun to understand what their results mean by asking and answering questions related to graphs.  

They have now started the new unit of Whole Number. Over the next few weeks, the boys will be introduced to new ways of representing different numbers and place values. The boys have been unpacking and distinguishing how many digits certain numbers have, how they can be represented using MAB blocks and how we can partition numbers into their different place values such as hundreds, tens and ones. 

In week eight the boys will be moving into the new unit of Addition and Subtraction. 


In Literacy the boys have been looking at the text type of Recounts. In connection to our Unit of Inquiry the boys have been introduced to different Aboriginal Dreamtime stories. The boys have then been asked to both write and orally retell what happened in the story. There has been an emphasis on using Time Connectives such as then, after, and next to help sequence their ideas within their writing. They will be continuing to improve their recount skills until the end of term.


The boys in Year 1 have continued to look at How We Express Ourselves through Music. We have learnt a new song from Germany, which uses more complex solfa notation. The boys have learnt how to sing these notes accompanied by hand signs. They have also written these new notes and experimented with recognising them aurally.    

I surprised the boys by speaking to them only in German. I hoped that this would help them to develop a perspective of what it is like for so many of our boys, when they have to communicate in another language. The dance which we learnt, also helped the boys to understand the different customs and rituals which are part of German culture. All cultures have their own beliefs and ways to express themselves.

Internet Safety Week

As part of Internet Safety Week boys have discussed how we can stay safe using our iPads at school. If you have not yet discussed this at home a great place to start is This site has online safety guidance and family tech agreements similar to the ICT agreement you will have received from school. How to stay safe whilst using a device forms part of the GROWTH programme and will be taught during the year.   

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