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It has been a pleasure to welcome our Pre-Kindergarten learners to Trinity. They have had a busy and productive start to the year and have enjoyed engaging in a variety of learning experiences both in the classroom and outside.  In these early weeks of the year the boys are beginning to make connections with play spaces and build relationships with their peers.

The Importance of Self Management Skills and their Relationship to Executive Functioning

In our early weeks in Pre-Kindergarten we focus very carefully on the development of self-management skills. These skills include, understanding and independently managing the expectations of routine times of the day, such as packing and unpacking school bags, looking after belongings and confidently organising themselves at morning tea and lunch. 

Our focus on self management skills stretch beyond the development of independence. When we have the expectation that they are competent, we are giving young learners a strong message of our trust in their capacity to be responsible and capable. 

Importantly, self management skills are critical to the development of executive functioning. Executive functioning are the mental processes that enable us to plan and focus attention, they are crucial for learning and development, as they enable us to make decisions and support positive learning behaviours. The foundation of lifelong executive function skills lies in the development of functional skills that we use in our daily routines. 

You can set your son up to succeed by supporting him to independently manage and organise his own belongings. This involves your son practicing and taking responsibility for everyday tasks that relate to his day at school. For example:

  • Zipping and unzipping school bags and lunch box bags
  • Involving your son in the packing of his lunch. This includes taking lids on and off, packing his morning tea and lunch into his bag and being involved in decisions about what will go into morning tea and lunch containers
  • Create a visual schedule or “to do” list that can go on the fridge or in your son’s bedroom, which will be a prompt for the tasks involved in independently getting ready for school
  • Establish clear and predictable routines which will consolidate self management skills and memory for what needs to be done. 

Your son’s growing independence will bring joy to his day by increasing his fulfilling engagement with the Pre-Kindergarten programme and the rich possibilities afforded by a Trinity education. 


The youngest members of the Preparatory School have been developing their listening and responding to music skills during their Music lessons with Mrs Campbell.  They have been participating in simple speech and moving activities and have discovered how to make sounds on a variety of untuned percussion instruments.  They have also been developing the Music Elements of Beat and Rhythm by walking to the beat and following teacher directed dance moves.


Please ensure that all your son’s belongings are clearly labelled. This includes hats, lunchboxes, shoes, uniform and bag. 

It is important to have a keyring or tag on the outside of your son’s school bag, with his name on it, so that it is immediately identifiable for him. 

Please return the family cultural background information sheet and an A4 photo frame at your earliest convenience.

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