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Our inquiry into How the World Works 

As part of our inquiry into the Transdisciplinary Theme ‘How the World Works’ and to support our Central Idea “Curiosity helps us to understand the world around us” we have been provoking student thought and wondering by unveiling interesting items that are found in our homes. Our learners are encouraged to investigate, tinker with and question these items through the conceptual lens of Form, Function and Causation. 

Eason: “I got this one of this and I put it on the machine and this machine is not the same. This one spins you use the handle to hold it and the top part spins. You use this for cooking cupcakes and cookies. If you mix them, you mix the colours you get.” 

Leonardo: “I can make it spin. The wheel – all the strings come in and the wheel and the little white things make it move. It can go faster. When it moves faster, the wheel, the little things go faster. When slower, everything is slower. I think it mixes things.”

Lawref – “You use it to make juice. It’s green and there is two handles that open and close. You put the lime inside the little hole and you need to squeeze the lime super tight to come to juice. I think Ms Oliver makes juice with it.”

Last week, our collective curiosity led us to inquire into the new development of the Llandilo Building. We excitedly journeyed to the construction site with our clipboards in hand. As the young engineers observed the construction vehicles and operators hard at work, they noted their observations with visual representation (drawings) and shared their thinking verbally through teacher scribing. The engineers developed their Thinking Skills and Research Skills during the construction site inquiry. They recorded observations, formed decisions, and synthesised and interpreted information. The opportunity to develop these Approaches to Learning (ATL’s), always proves to be purposeful in the growth of an early learner. 

We will be celebrating our inquiry into How the World Works with a ‘Celebration of Curious Minds’ on Wednesday the 16th of June. We would like to invite parents to our learning spaces to engage with your son’s learning. There will be a google form about this event coming soon. 


The boys are really enjoying their music lessons as they continue to explore different forms of transport. They have learnt two songs about a train, Big Black Train and Toot Toot and this week learnt a song about travelling in a plane with We Are Little Aeroplanes.  With every song experienced action are created with student suggestions to assist in memory work and developing fine and gross motor skills. Throughout the unit of Inquiry How the World Works the students are continuing to develop their Collaboration (Cooperation with others), Emotional Awareness (self-control & awareness of others) skills. They love to sing and move and are really now following the dance moves more closely and developing a sense of rhythm and beat. They have also prepared a song and dance routine for the mums for this Friday. I really enjoy working with PK and seeing their happy smiling faces. Keep up the great work boys.

Christian Studies

“In the beginning, God made everything …” This is the title of one of our songs this term; a wonderful way to celebrate an amazing God who made his best creation – us. The boys have been learning about God’s big picture in the Bible.  They have been learning how the whole Bible and God’s plan fits together from beginning to the end. They are developing their Thinking and Communication skills in class through our group discussions. They are inquiring into the message of the Bible from beginning to the end in colours – the wordless book. These include creation (green), sin & disobey (black), salvation (red), forgiveness (white), God’s helper the Holy Spirit (blue) and eternal life (gold). They have been learning new songs, creating using Lego and exploring our school to marvel at the world God made. In Chapel, the boys have been learning Memory Verses from the Bible – a way to remember key verses that can teach, change and impact the way our faith in God and the way we live.


  • Please return your son’s portfolio, with the term one contents, as soon as possible. Each term we add to the portfolio. We are keen to start compiling our learning journey for Term Two! At the end of the year you are able to keep the portfolio.
  • Please ensure that all belongings are clearly labelled. Names and labels tend to fade or come off over time, so a quick check to ensure items are named would be appreciated.

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