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Thank you for attending our Mother’s Day celebrations. We enjoyed welcoming you and watching you share in the experiences with your son on this special occasion.

This term we are inquiring into the transdisciplinary theme ‘How the World Works’. Our central idea is ‘Curiosity helps us to understand the world around us’.

As a provocation for our unit, Mitch from Kaleidoscope Science, came on Wednesday 28th April to provide us with a rich variety of hands-on learning experiences to assist in provoking wonder and curiosity.

The young scientists eagerly engaged in the experiences exploring concepts such as gravity, friction, air pressure, density, magnetism and sound. Through these experiments, the boys’ understanding of scientific principles were challenged. They used their observation skills to make predictions and communicate their thoughts and understandings verbally and through drawings.

James: “Mitch lit the paper. He put fire on the tea bag. We count down. It blasted off to the roof. It came back down. That’s because the fire went out and it ran out of air.”

Lawrence: “The robo grabbing. It can grab things because he has a grabber on his head. You pull it.” 

Henri: “The very big, big, big thing the scientist was talking about that big ball we could go inside. We can put a picture on it. The scientist squashed us in when he made it smaller. The music box makes loud and soft music when you twist the handle.”

Throughout the term we will continue to develop our research and thinking skills by asking questions, predicting, experimenting, observing and reflecting on different phenomenon. 

On Wednesday 16th June we will have a ‘Celebration of Curious Minds’. More details will be forthcoming in the next few weeks.

Fostering Your Son’s Independence

Throughout our Pre-Kindergarten programme, we aim to encourage your son’s growing independence. We do this through incidental teachable moments as well as intentionally planned engagements. Our strong focus on independence stems from the International Baccalaureate’s Primary Years Programme (PYP). The PYP ‘nurtures independent and collaborative learners, encouraging every student to have voice, choice and ownership in their own learning.’ 

We would like to invite you to participate in fostering your son’s independence at home. As your son is championed in his independence at school and at home, we hope that his independence would grow in leaps and bounds. We acknowledge that it can be challenging and possibly an adjustment to routine or formed habits, however we recognise that as your son’s independence grows, so will his self confidence, maturity, and resilience. 

Some ways you can support your son in his independence:

  • Expose him to new experiences e.g. going to a new park with bigger equipment, visit a museum or gallery
  • Give him space to experiment and ‘figure things out’ by himself
  • Promote problem solving. Instead of giving the answer straight away, ask ‘How Questions’ e.g. “How can you fix that?”, “How can you help to make your brother/sister feel better?”
  • Ask your son to help around the home e.g. cook in the kitchen (cut easy vegetables, stir ingredients in the bowl, pour the milk), do laundry (put clothes in washing machine, close the door, program the machine), take the rubbish out, water the garden, make their own bed, choose some toys for their younger sibling, ‘reset the space’ at the end of the day
  • Encourage him to carry his own school bag
  • Encourage him to ‘reset’ his school bag at the end of the day e.g. put his water bottle and lunchbox on the kitchen bench, make sure his hat is in his bag, pack his library bag
  • Allow extra time for him to dress himself in the morning 
  • Include him in decision making moments e.g. making suggestions for shopping lists, lunch/dinner menu, or planning family time on the weekend


  • Please return your son’s portfolio, with the term one contents, as soon as possible. Each term we add to the portfolio. We are keen to start compiling our learning journey for Term Two! At the end of the year you are able to keep the portfolio.
  • Please ensure that all belongings are clearly labelled. Names and labels tend to fade or come off over time, so a quick check to ensure items are named would be appreciated.
  • Hilliard House Fundraiser:
    • Friday the 14th of May
    • Mufti-day
    • Gold coin donation with all the proceeds going directly to the Exodus Foundation. 


In Music this term we are Collaborating with the Unit of Inquiry How the World Works using the Concepts of Causation, Function, Change.  Through learning repertoire of main modes of transportation, the boys will create moves to accompany the songs which will assist them in remembering the lyrics and develop their understanding of music elements such as tempo, dynamics and form. To date we have learnt songs about trains and created actions like a locomotion to make us aware of how to use space and stay connected as a train. The students are continuing to develop their gross motor skills by following dance moves that assist in reinforcing beat and helps to reflect the change in dynamics and form.

A message from Mrs Hitz-Morton

We are fortunate at Trinity Prep to have parents that work in a wide variety of industries and professions. In the past, Units of Inquiry have been enriched by having parents come in to speak to the boys or provide learning experiences that relate to their area of expertise. 

If you are interested in adding your name to a list for the Pre-Kindergarten to Year 6 teachers to access during the planning phase of each unit, and contact you to see if you’re available to share your expertise with the boys, please complete this form.

Thank you for your continued support in enriching the learning opportunities for our students.

Mrs K Hitz-Morton | Director of Early Learning and Primary Curriculum

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