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Who We Are 

We have started our inquiry into the Transdisciplinary Theme of ‘Who We Are’. The Central Idea ‘Individuals and communities grow by appreciating rights and responsibilities’ will be explored throughout the year. During this unit we have three lines of inquiry that allow us to develop an understanding of the Central Idea, they are: Everyone is unique;  Growing as a learner by taking responsibility for the rights of oneself and others; and Contributing to the growth of a community. Our key concepts of ‘Form’, ‘Responsibility’ and ‘Connection’ drives the direction of our inquiry.

Throughout this inquiry we will be introducing our learners to some key vocabulary. With a focus on the social skills of respecting others, we will be focusing on cooperative language and how to respond positively and thoughtfully to requests or instructions. Using words like ‘sure’, ‘okay’, ‘no worries’ and ‘yes!’.  Part of this is the importance of encouraging a self-belief in their ability to confidently participate in all aspects of Pre-Kindergarten. 

Our Essential Agreement 

During these early weeks, our boys have been eagerly exploring their new learning environment and developing relationships with their peers and their educators. Through shared literature, purposefully chosen to promote social skills, we have developed an Essential Agreement. An Essential Agreement sets the tone of our learning environment and promotes collaboration and cooperation. Our learners acknowledge the importance of kindness and respect in Pre-Kindergarten, two attributes that are transferable to all environments and experiences in their lives. 

Through the conceptual lens of Form…

Throughout this inquiry we will be exploring the concept of Form. Our learners have been carefully examining the form of their family, themselves and their names. Using a mirror, our young learners have been looking carefully at their faces, noticing their unique features. They have been using these observations to draw pictures of their faces. These observational drawings encourage our learners to slow down, carefully observe, and accurately record what they see rather than what they think something looks like. 


In the Classroom Music lessons the boys have been learning to follow actions which help them keep the beat to well-known nursery rhymes and songs. They have been learning basic dance moves to help them develop their fine and gross motor skills. Together they have been learning simple speech rhymes which also assist speech development and reinforces beat. They have also played untuned percussion instruments to help keep the beat to the songs.

Internet Safety Week

How to stay safe whilst using a device forms part of our GROWTH programme at Prep and is taught each year from Kindergarten upwards. If you have not yet discussed this at home a great place to start is This site has online safety guidance and family tech agreements.    

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