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During mathematics we have been exploring different ways to explore the concepts of addition and subtraction in play. We have been using different toys to tell stories that involve numbers. We then represented our stories by writing correct number sentences. For example, ‘the farmer had lots of animals on the farm, he had 12 chickens and 4 cows, the farmer wanted to know how many animals he had altogether’, which is then represented as 12 + 4 = 16.

We know that there are lots of different ways to represent and use addition and subtraction. Some examples include in our pretend kitchen, when finding a car park, in finger play songs (like 5 cheeky monkeys) and when marking the roll each morning.


We are progressing through our Initial Lit Program and are now able to make more connections to our real world. We are continuing to consolidate our knowledge of the following sounds and tricky words:

Single sounds: m, s, r, a, o, f, i, c, t, d, h, n, e, g

Tricky words: I, the, my, as, is, they, that, was, said, are, was, and

The boys are now able to use their knowledge of the above sounds and tricky words to write more interesting sentences like:

The dot was flat.

They are fit. 

I was at the hot red mat.

We are developing our comprehension skills while reading ‘Grandpa and Thomas’ by Pamela Allen. We have enjoyed making connections between our own lives and experiences and the text. We particularly enjoyed discussing sandcastles and family holidays. When we are reading together, we like to ask ‘wh’ questions (who, what, where, when and why), these questions help us to find out information and to dig deeper into the text.

What books do you love to read because they remind you of a favourite holiday?

How the World Works

The students have been actively engaged in a range of different learning experiences that encouraged them to take on the role of a scientist, exploring the properties of different materials and how these properties determine the function of an item (through the lens of conceptual connections). 

As scientists, we have learnt that we need to:

  • Make predictions
  • Ask questions
  • Find out information 
  • Make connections
  • And solve problems.

Thus far, we have explored:

  • The form of different materials 
  • The properties of waterproof materials and absorbent materials
  • The properties of flexible materials and rigid materials
  • The properties of hard materials and soft materials
  • How to combine our knowledge of form and function to design and create a hat

Students have been asked to justify, explain and evaluate their findings and look at different ways of communicating this to their peers, as they worked in cross class groups and collaborated with different people.


Last week, we had an incursion with Reverse Garbage. The boys discussed the function of the rubbish bins they have at home.  The boys explored the properties of materials that have been recycled. They investigated which materials floated and which materials sank. We then used different materials to build and test out a boat. Did your boat float or sink?

Supporting your son as an Inquirer at home

A key goal of the Kindergarten program is to develop students’ ability to inquire and be meaningful participants and drivers in their learning journey. 

You can support your son to develop his ability as an inquirer at home through the following activities:

  • Continuing conversations about our current Unit of Inquiry that is being explored in class, at home.
  • Talking about the value of being an inquirer in different contexts 
  • Asking your son about his learning goals
  • Encourage your son to follow his interests and curiosities at home 
  • Encourage and model a range of different communication skills
  • Support your son to develop research skills by visiting the library, museums, cultural events etc.
  • Ask your son if he would like to share and celebrate his inquiries with his extended family or friends
  • Start a family inquiry project where you learn alongside your son to find out answers, research, think deeply and come to conclusions that allow him to put his knowledge into action.


The Kindergarten students have continued to inquire into Action and Songs and have used their body and tuned and untuned percussion instruments to explore the connection between their voice, instruments and body. They have continued to develop their Literacy (Symbolic Exploration) skills – music notation skills through notating rhythms, creating and performing a sequence of rhythm cards and playing and placing rhythms in their bodies. Through the dance routines they are learning to (Demonstrate Empathy) by respecting others and through playing the songs using the Boomwhackers, they are learning Collaboration (Cooperation with others) skills to be able to play an entire song, in time and with the correctly pitched Boomwhacker. The students have made great progress with this skill which incorporates and requires both rhythmic and melodic accuracy.  They have also learnt some games to accompany the songs which have required listening skills and cooperation skills. Kindy have had fun in music this term.

Christian Studies

During this term, the boys have been challenged to think about where life came from and who we are through our Unit of Inquiry on Genesis 1 to 12. They have been using our inquiry model – wow, questions and that’s right – to explore and investigate the promises of a Creator God as expressed in Genesis 1 to 12. They have been using their Thinking and Communications skills, as well as the Attributes of the Learner Profile (Caring and Thinker) to explore how God created the universe and gave the world its beginning, how God creates and loves all people, rescuing us through his Son Jesus and that everything in creation is connected to God and we have a responsibility to look after his creation.  In Chapel, the boys have been learning Memory Verses from the Bible – a way to remember key verses that can teach, change and impact the way our faith in God and the way we live.

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