Pre-Kindergarten News

Dear PK Parents,

I do hope that you found last week’s PK Transition Tours to be of benefit to you. These tours provided you with a wonderful opportunity to gain a glimpse into the daily learning experiences that your son has the privilege of engaging in. Your positive feedback has been most pleasing. On one evening one mother shared the following with me ‘Kirsti, thank you so very much for allowing us on site tonight. You have given me so much reassurance and comfort in knowing that we definitely made the right decision to send our son to Trinity. His days are filled with so much learning, no wonder he loves coming to school every day’. We are always grateful for your feedback.

We look forward to communicating with you in a more formal and individualised way in the upcoming Parent/ Teacher Meetings in Weeks 8, 9 and 10. Please ensure that you have filled in the Google Form nominating your preferred time to meet with your son’s teacher.

Developing Your Son’s Social Skills (Part 2)

What is Cooperation?

We are currently focusing on developing the boy’s cooperation skills. Learning to cooperate is modelled in the classroom on a daily basis. Cooperative learning is a teaching strategy involving children’s participation in small group learning activities that promote positive interaction. During this focus, the PK educators have been naming and noticing, turn taking, saying please and thank you when shared resources are being used, waiting patiently whilst others speak, and attentive listening. All of these cooperative skills are highlighted and developed during the day.

Sometimes, particularly when safety is at stake, saying no to an early learner is necessary. At times, when instructions are being given, the boys are replying with ‘no’. In the last few weeks, the boys have been learning that, saying no when asked to transition from one room or place to another, is not ok.

So, when is it ok to say no if you are a parent or educator?

1) Say no when their actions might hurt someone or break something

2) Say no when they could do it on their own

3) Say no when it’s a want, not a need

4) Say no when plans change

5) Say no when someone else’s needs (temporarily) matter more

6) Say no when you’ll resent doing something

7) Say no when it’s against your values

Please read more here:

Lunch Boxes

There appears to be a number of boys that are being provided with ample amounts of food throughout the day. Some boys are having a lunch order and a fully packed lunch box. We have observed that the boys are simply not hungry enough to eat the amount of food that is being packed for them. Whilst we understand the uncertainty around how hungry your son may be during the day, there is a lot of food that is being wasted. Could we encourage you to monitor his consumption over the next few weeks? We will not throw food away if it’s not eaten. It will be left in his lunch box for you to view when he comes home at the end of the day. We do ensure that all boys are eating and drinking an adequate amount each day.

Reminders/ Requests:

  • Please remember to read the Prep News each week. In addition to my newsletter, every third week there will be an individualised PK newsletter that is written by the classroom teachers. This newsletter will give you a detailed insight into the learning that is occurring in the PK environment.
  • Thank you for your wonderful feedback on the way in which your son’s have settled into PK life at Trinity Prep. It’s been a very successful start for all of your boys.
  • Please ensure that all of your son’s items are clearly labelled.
  • A number of boys are wearing their long-sleeved shirts on 30-degree days. On hot days, may we suggest that your son wears his short-sleeved school shirt.

Kirsti Hitz-Morton | Director of Primary Curriculum and Early Learning

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