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Field Studies Programme (FSP) Residential 4 commenced on Monday this week, marking the beginning of an important rite of passage experience for another group of Trinity’s Year 9 students. Staff from the Woollamia Campus now travel to the Summer Hill Campus to engage students in a more in-depth pre-programme briefing. The aim of this is both to ensure that students fully understand the experience that awaits them, and to provide the boys with an opportunity to meet one of their Field Studies Tutors.

The students stepped off the bus with energy to burn, overwhelmingly positive mindsets and a general keenness to make the most of this unique experience. Programme highlights from this week have included:

  • The first night under canvas camping onsite at the Field Studies Centre
  • Mountain biking on the FSC trails
  • Rock climbing and abseiling
  • Canoeing on Currambene Creek
  • The amazing food supplied by our Chef, John, and the Sodexo catering staff
  • Viewing the incredible lunar eclipse under crystal clear skies
  • The first cross country challenge 3km run
  • Free time on the basketball court and the oval
  • Learning to live with six or seven of their peers in the dorms
  • Having Mr Hunt and Mr James visit to share their Science knowledge with the boys and assist them to develop their inquiry question for their Year 9 Student Research Project
  • Accessing the Surface Go devices for the first time and beginning the online Mathematics programme prepared by Mr Pay

We look forward to engaging the boys in learn to surf and high ropes sessions early next week, before they head out on the first expedition cycle. The boys have opportunities to learn a lot about themselves, their peers and this unique environment during their time on the FSP. The Field Studies Staff and I look forward to guiding each boy through their unique journey over the coming weeks. 

Tim Knowles | Head of the Field Studies Centre (FSC) 

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