News from the Field Studies Centre

On Sunday the Field Studies Programme students attended the ANZAC Day march and service at nearby Huskisson. The community came out in large numbers to attend the service and it was great to have Trinity represented at this event. Luke Raptis laid a wreath on behalf of the School and all students conducted themselves in a fine manner.

The students have selected their elective outdoor activity and have completed the training day that prepares them for the three days of climbing, marine activities, or mountain biking in the final week of the programme. The boys develop a range of competencies during the training sessions that prepare them to safely and skilfully participate in their chosen activity.

The boys have important periods of downtime throughout their stay at Woollamia. Staring into the campfire, sharing riddles, jokes and conversations is part of the evening entertainment while camping out. The students spend two nights under canvas early on in the programme, learning the skills of Trangia cooking, campcraft and becoming more comfortable in the ‘Great Outdoors’. A special bonus over the last week has been the huge pink moon that has been on display each evening. The absence of light pollution makes star gazing a real treat on the South Coast,

This coming Sunday we are excited to welcome families back to the Field Studies Centre for the first in-person visiting day since COVID restrictions came into effect last year. Morning tea will be served on arrival, followed by an opportunity for the boys to take their families on a tour of the campus. Families will then be heading out for the day with their son to enjoy the beautiful Shoalhaven region.

Tim Knowles | Head of Field Studies Centre (FSC)

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