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As we welcome staff and students back to The Arthur Holt Library after the Easter break, it’s a great opportunity to check in on everyone’s holiday reading. As many of you will know, it has become something of a tradition for the Head Master to share the books he read with the staff on the first day back, but this term we have also thrown a challenge out to our wider community of readers.

Inspired by similar reading challenges that we have issued to students, the AHL has invited staff to complete either this year’s Premier’s Reading Challenge or a round of Library Bingo. Completing the Premier’s Reading Challenge alongside the students offers a wonderful opportunity to invite shared discussions around books and to broaden your own reading while also gaining some insights into current Young Adult Fiction.

Library Bingo offers an even broader range of titles. Staff have been challenged to read one book from each of the 20 categories featured on the card. These cover the various genres included in The Arthur Holt Library’s collection, but also a series of recommends from library staff, students and the Head Master’s list, among others.

Along with shared discussions about reading, role-modelling was one of the key research-based reading strategies identified by Margaret Merga in her work in this field. So, completing this challenge will not only benefit you, it will also serve to encourage your students, sons and/or daughters to pick up a book themselves. And that is one of the best things you can do for them.

Andrea O’Driscoll | Teacher Librarian 

“No book is really worth reading at the age of ten which is not equally – and often far more – worth reading at the age of fifty and beyond.”

C.S. Lewis

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