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The Arthur Holt Library is very proud to announce that our longest-serving Teaching and Learning Librarian, Vicki Courtenay, is this year’s recipient of the State Library of New South Wales Teacher Librarian of the Year Award. It’s a great testament to the work she does both in and for the school.

In order to win the award, Ms Courtenay was required to demonstrate her competency across a range of areas specific to her role. These included professional knowledge, professional practice and professional commitment.

Our Teaching and Learning Librarians are required to work with every department in the school, to promote the principles of Academic Scholarship and to foster lifelong learning. In developing the Research Wheel, a process scaffold based on Carol Kuhlthau’s Guided Inquiry Design and Information Search Process, Ms Courtenay has been instrumental in teaching our Trinity boys how to research effectively and how to take control of their own learning.

It is also the job of a Teaching and Learning Librarian at Trinity to promote a positive school-wide reading culture and here again Ms Courtenay has proved invaluable. She worked with the Director of Library Services and Dr Margaret Merga to develop the school’s reading support strategy and recently revisited it to ensure its ongoing effectiveness. Our Teaching and Learning Librarians also deliver our wide-reading programs and are working to broaden these in the coming years.

It’s a well-deserved award and we’re sure you will join us in offering Ms Courtenay our heartfelt congratulations!

Here’s the link to the SLANSW official announcement:

“I read a book one day and my whole life was changed.”

Orhan Pamuk

Andrea O’Driscoll | Teacher Librarian 

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