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We were delighted to welcome the new Year 7s into the library this week as part of their official Orientation Day. It’s always an absolute joy to meet the boys and to introduce them to the library space and our collection. In the hope of setting good habits early, it has also become customary for us to gift each boy a book and to issue them with a Summer Reading Challenge.
This year’s challenge asks the boys to read at least one book from as many of the library’s 14 genres as possible. Any student who manages to read at least six books from six different genres will receive a Library Departmental Award – and there is no better way to kick start your Senior School career.

We were also careful to ensure that all the boys in each House received the same book, to enable them to discuss it with each other and within their Tutor Groups. The boys from Archer, Dulwich, Founders and Henderson Houses received ‘The Boy Who Made Everyone Laugh’ by Helen Rutter. Students from Hilliard, Holwood, Kerrigan and Latham Houses were given ‘My Brother Ben’ by Peter Carnavas. Murphy, School, Stephenson and Taubman Houses received ‘Twitch’ by M.G. Leonard and the gentlemen of Weeks, Wilson Hogg, Wynn-Jones and Young houses were given ‘Monstrous Devices’ by Damien Love.

We hope they enjoy them, and are very much looking forward to hearing the boys’ thoughts on the book they were given when they start Year 7 next term.

“There is more treasure in books than in all the pirate’s loot on Treasure Island.”

– Walt Disney

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