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It was wonderful to be back at school this week. Things may be some way off a full return to normal, but the return of face-to-face lessons and the very welcome return of IB Work and HSC Study Halls to The Arthur Holt Library certainly pointed us in the right direction.

Sadly, we are still unable to welcome students into the Library before and after school or during recess and lunch, but we would encourage everyone to return any outstanding books to the trolley outside the main doors. As we mentioned last week, we are also still able to loan books out via our Click & Collect service.

Click & Collect @ the Arthur Holt Library

Those students currently working on their Year 10 Independent Projects submitted their first assignment this week. It involved a detailed project proposal outlining their research question and the approach that they plan to take in answering it. This was also the first week where they were expected to meet with their individual mentors, rather than attend group workshops. This enabled their mentors to give more tailored feedback based on the students’ individual progress and the direction that they have chosen to take their projects in.

It was heartening to read in their reflections how engaged the vast majority of boys are in their Projects and how much they have appreciated the opportunity to pursue their personal interests in the context of school. We have no doubt that the experience will be invaluable to them as they move into Years 11 and 12.

“Some of these things are true and some of them lies. But they are all good stories.”

― Hilary Mantel, Wolf Hall

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