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Do You Know The Relationship between Arts and Minds:

The Australian Council for the Arts Survey in late 2019 found that 98% of Australians are engaging in the Arts.  (Pre COVID) 

Corelli Strings

Corelli Strings is an opportunity for students in K-2 involved in private lessons on a string instrument to develop their ensemble skills and play with their peers. Every Wednesday afternoon Corelli Strings are responsible for organising their instruments and music before rehearsing. Each rehearsal is conducted with respect for each other and persistence to improve the combined sound. This term, the students have learned a variety of pieces including The Fabulous Flying Fox, March of the Androids, and Ready… Set… Fiddle! Throughout rehearsals the group focuses on creating a unified tone; using the same part of the bow, making sure bows are moving at the same time and discussions about the kind of sound for each piece such as loud or soft, legato or staccato. Wednesday afternoons involve teamwork, consistency, goal setting and fun music making. The next goal for Corelli Strings is to record Ready… Set… Fiddle! early next term! 

Mrs Tripolone

Beethoven Strings

There are many new faces that have joined Beethoven Strings this year and the enthusiasm and willingness to learn from all the boys has been encouraging as they take on new challenges in their musical journey. This term the focus has been on playing as an ensemble and settling into their rehearsal desks. Auditions were held in Week 6 to determine the best positions for boys in the ensemble and the plan going forward is to have them at the beginning of every term to determine if changes are required. Beethoven Strings look forward to the remainder of 2021 with optimism and hope that they will be able to share with you all the wonderful work they are achieving.

Mrs Amelia Mc Cluney & Mrs Mandie Vieira

Trinity Singers

This ensemble is now full steam ahead learning repertoire for the Easter Service in Week 10 and the Gala Concert to be held on 2nd June at the City Recital Hall. It is therefore essential that students attend their two rehearsals per week.  If at any point, students are unable to make a rehearsal, please email either Mrs Campbell or Ms Smeulders so that we can keep accurate attendance records.

Chapel Performance

Thanks to Aaron and Lewis who performed their Soloists Competition piano pieces in Infants Chapel this afternoon. Well done boys and thank you for being a Risk-taker and sharing your talent with your peers.

Geraldine Campbell | Director of Music Preparatory School

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