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Do You Know The Relationship between Arts and Minds:

Active arts engagement improves academic and often social outcomes for students in both primary and secondary education.

Soloist Competition 2021

Entries will close for this competition next Monday 22nd February.  No late entries will be accepted. Negotiations with Music Staff at Summer Hill are ongoing in preparation for Preparatory School students to have their heats at the Prep School on Wednesday 3rd March commencing at 2pm.  Once all entries have been received a schedule will be finalised and released with heat details. Mr Kinda will be available to play for the heats that afternoon.

Ensemble Report – Mozart Strings – Mrs Lorraine Jayasinghe

The year has begun well for Mozart Strings with the boys starting an exciting new piece called Mill Creek Stomp, which depicts a joyous folksy dance. A focus for the start of this year has been on creating good ensemble habits including arriving on time to rehearsal, setting up quickly and quietly, listening well within the group and to the conductor, and being a team player. The boys are also building up their ensemble skills, such as learning to watch and follow a conductor and being able to concentrate on playing their part while being aware of and listening to a different part. All of this multitasking requires students to be prepared for rehearsal by learning and practicing their part regularly, so that they can feel confident in knowing their notes and have enough headspace for where the magic happens; in making music together!

Chapel Band

The new look Chapel Band had their first performance for the year at the Year 6 Office Bearer’s Induction last Friday. Thanks to Mrs Swanton and Mr Smith for their assistance at this event. Due to COVID restrictions they are not able to play for the Combined Chapel’s in the Mozart Room but at their weekly Monday morning rehearsals they are preparing to record for the Family Service in a few weeks’ time and continue to learn repertoire for when they can join in again at Chapel. Thanks, boys, for your ongoing commitment to this ensemble.

Cancellation of Instrumental Lessons

Please be aware that four weeks Term time notice is required to be sent an email to Mrs Campbell the Director of Music for students to cease learning in the Instrumental Music Program. 

Absence from Co-curricular Activities

If you know in advance that your son is unable to attend a rehearsal on a given day, please email the relevant Director of the Ensemble with your apologies.  This information can certainly assist with the planning of the rehearsals and will enable correct attendance records to be kept.

Geraldine Campbell | Director of Preparatory School Music

Music Centre Access

All students are to leave their instruments on the day of their lesson in the Music Centre as soon as they arrive at School.  Please do not leave instruments in the classrooms or around lockers. The Music Centre will not be locked until 4:30pm each day. If your Co-curricular Group concludes after 4:30pm, please collect your instrument before the Co-curricular activity commences to avoid disappointment.

Additional Music News

Nicole Smeulders – Opera Singer and Classroom Music Teacher

It is a great pleasure to be working again with the choirs at Trinity Prep. Like the Trinity boys, I have been developing my own performance skills whilst rehearsing with the chorus of Opera Australia. I have been working on the opera “Ernani” by Verdi, which we are now performing at the Sydney Opera House. At Opera Australia, we need to be very disciplined with our language, posture and musicianship. You might like to catch a glimpse of us rehearsing recently on the following link (watch from 12 minutes in):

In Conversation with Paul Fitzsimon | Opera Australia on demand

Or, you might like to watch the first three minutes of this clip, to see behind the scenes at OA, Incredibly, we are the only major opera company in a Covid worldperforming to a live audience.

As you can see, I am very fortunate to be involved with such an exciting company and I hope to share my knowledge with the boys. My colleague Gergely Malyusz, who teaches Brass at Trinity is playing in the orchestra for Ernani.

I am looking forward to performing in Tosca, Maria Stuarda and Othello with the company, later in the year.

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