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Strings Soiree

The Gym was awash with the sounds of seventy melodious string players last Monday evening at the Strings Soiree Concert which was the first onsite concert since November 2019.  All the string ensembles performed as well as one soloist from each Teaching Studio. Thanks to Mrs Jayasinghe the Strings Co-ordinator and to all the String Instrumental Teachers and Mr Kinda who provided accompaniment to all the solo items and a number of the ensemble pieces. We would also like to express our gratitude to Ben Cotton and Stephen Pupo from the Audio-Visual Department for the mood lighting and sound to accompany the items to make the night extra special.

Mozart Strings
Chamber Ensemble

Studio Concerts

The Music Department is in the process of scheduling Studio Concerts in Week 6 & 7 this term.  Studio Concerts afford the students the opportunity to work towards a goal and gain invaluable performing experience. Every student who learns in our Private Tuition Program is expected to perform as part of their Teacher’s Studio Concert.  Boys are reminded that they must wear full Winter uniform – no sandshoes please (except those concerts scheduled on a Thursday and PK students).  Notifications have been sent and RSVP is required as all concerts will have limited capacity to adhere to COVID restrictions. All concerts will be held in the Mozart Room.

Tuesday 25th May

11:45am | Ed Schots/Jonathan Ryan/Antonia Deasey

Friday 28th May

3:30pm | Louise Welsh

4:15pm | Amelia McCluney/Calvin Li

Tuesday 1st June

11:45am | Mandie Vieira/Valeria Korjenevski/Lorraine Jayasinghe

Thursday 3rd June

11:45am | Jenny Swanton/Matthew Harrison/Jay Tripolone/Samantha Kelson-Gray

2:10pm | Jenny Trynes

4:30pm | Alistair Wallis

Friday 4th June

4pm | Stefano Rocco

Classroom Focus

There was great interest in Music last week, as Dylan in 3H gave us a truly global perspective on an instrument from his own culture. Dylan talked to Year 3 about a Sri Lanken instrument called the Nadaswaran. Dylan actually made a replica of this instrument from paper, which he painted and attached replica reeds. This presentation highlighted an outstanding student initiative, and it was wonderful to see Dylan’s love for his own culture and the purpose for which the Nadaswaran is used in helping people worship. Other boys from Year 3 have enjoyed discussing instruments from Lebanon and Greece and I look forward to hearing more about them in the near future. (Nicole Smeulders)

Year 2 Music is inquiring into How The World Works and have expanded our inquiry from the development of keyboard instruments such as the square (located in the foyer of the Music Centre), the upright and grand pianos to include instruments from other cultures. This week Lewis from Year 3 was a guest presenter imparting his in-depth knowledge of the Chinese stringed instrument called the Erhu. Lewis was able to bring one to school to show the students. (Geraldine Campbell)

Choirs in Term 2

The choirs at Trinity are thriving! The boys have been developing their vocal skills as well as their performance and dramatic techniques this term.

The Junior Choir which rehearses on a Friday afternoon has been looking at songs around the theme of transport and movement. The boys have been singing songs about journeying around the world in their imaginary planes, trains and automobiles. They have used their bodies to become robots and vehicles of transportation. We hope to invite parents at the end of the Term to hear and see the boys perform their songs in the Mozart Room.

Boys in the Primary Choir have been focusing on expressing emotion and characterisation, as they continue to sing songs about the sea. I am hoping that this group will be able to team up with the Trinity Singers in the Performing Arts Festival in Term 3. The shared theme will be a jazzy exploration of the story of Jonah and the Whale. In the interim, the boys in the Trinity Singers have been learning to sing Bach’s Magnificat, as well as Sibelius’ Finlandia and Rutter’s For the Beauty of the Earth for the Gala spectacular.

I hope to continue to engage and enthuse the boys to sing and express themselves happily despite the continued restrictions of the Covid-19 virus. I thank Mrs Campbell, and our accompanists, Mrs Swanton and Ms Welsh for their continued support.

If your son is interested in joining one of these choirs, please contact Ms Nicole Smeulders for details:

Upcoming Events

Weeks 6 and 7 Studio Concerts

Wednesday 2nd June Gala Concert (Trinity Singers)

Geraldine Campbell | Director of Music Preparatory School

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