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Life is like a beautiful melody, only the lyrics are messed up

– Hans Christian Anderson

AMEB Results

Congratulations to the following boys for outstanding AMEB results:

Nicholas M. (4Yo) for receiving a High Distinction in second grade piano

Terence H. (4Fo) for receiving a High Distinction for third grade piano repertoire 

Maxwell M. (6Fo) for receiving Honours in second grade piano

2021 Concerto Competition

The Director of Co-Curricular Music, Dr McGregor is calling for applications for the TGS Concerto Competition.

During Week 4, students will be able to upload a 3 minute section of their concerto which will constitute the Heats. Students should submit this as a video to, as a Google or Cloud share.

A reminder that the closing date for submissions for the Concerto Competition is this Friday 29th October.

In addition, it has been decided to include an Infants Section in this year’s event. Details of the requirements, an application form and submission details can be obtained by emailing

Heads of Sections and Dr McGregor will judge these over the course of week 5 and announce the finalists.

The Finals will take place in Week 7 or 8. There will be a confirmation of the date once we are clear about whether this will be a video submission where accompaniment can be used, or not, within the then Covid restrictions.

2022 Donald Holder Scholarship

Applications for the 2022 Donald Holder Scholarship is open for 2021 Junior school Year 5 students. Please read the Donald Holder Scholar letter and submit the application form to to apply.

All students currently in Year 5 who learn an instrument either internally or externally are encouraged to apply. The Scholarship entitles the recipient to one weekly half hour instrumental lessons during term time only. To apply for the scholarship, students are asked to prepare two contrasting pieces, preferably with piano accompaniment and submit the application form. The adjudicators would like to see your interpretation of the music you choose in terms of musical concepts and the character of the pieces. The opportunity to perform will occur on Friday 26 November in the Junior School Library.

Please speak to your private instrumental teacher about suitable pieces you can prepare to enter the competition.

Term 4 Performances

If you would like your class to hear you perform during your class music lesson, please submit your recording via this link.

Instrumental Programme for individual lessons

Online instrumental lessons are available on Microsoft Teams. The Director of Co-Curricular Music (PreK-12), Dr McGregor has communicated with families about the protocols in place for lessons. If you have not received the communication, please contact your Instrumental (individual tuition) teacher.

If you have any further inquiries for music, please contact the Music Department on 9581 6042.

Trevor Adams | Director of Junior School Music

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