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“Thank God for books and music and things I can think about.”

– Daniel Keyes

Music Learning in Remote

During remote learning, we have been using online music programs to learn about the musical concepts in listening, performing and organising sound activities. We have been using technology such as Soundtrap, Noteflight and Chrome Music Lab to link with the PYP and the Trinity Growth Programme. We looked at pentatonic, major and minor melodies, bass lines, and chord progressions. We also recently had a look at the famous bass line of Pachelbel’s Canon in D and how similar ostinato bass lines have been used in music after it.

Remote learning has provided much more practice time for people who play a musical instrument. Personally, I feel my level of playing has improved with the heightened amount of practice done. What’s for sure, however, is that music is still thriving through these hard and confusing times.

Thomas Henry (6La) | 2021 Music Leader and TGS Primary Music Award recipient

Instrumental Programme for individual lessons

Online instrumental lessons are available on Microsoft Teams. The Director of Co-Curricular Music (PreK-12), Dr McGregor has communicated with families about the protocols in place for lessons. If you have not received the communication, please contact your Instrumental (individual tuition) teacher.

Hungry For More?

Music Co-curricular Ensemble activities are posted each week in Hungry for More Music in Canvas. Mr Adams will post activities for the Junior School Choir, Mrs Korjenvsky will post activities for the String Orchestras and Mr Mályusz will post activities for the Concert Bands. All students can participate in the Annual Junior School Practice Challenge. Participation in the various activities is entirely voluntary and not a compulsory commitment. Simply visit Canvas and navigate to Hungry for More. If you have any music news to share, please visit this link to let us know.

If you have any further inquiries for music, please contact the Music Department on 9581 6042.

Trevor Adams | Director of Junior School Music

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