Music News | Gala Preparations and Soloists’ Competition

The excitement in the Music Department has grown immeasurably this week with two exciting developments. Firstly, the return of singing in groups up to 30 has allowed the school choirs to ramp-up rehearsals, and cement a focus on preparations for upcoming events in the Preparatory and Junior Schools occurring later this term, and in the Senior School to return to Gala preparations. 

Secondly, staff have been busy auditioning for next week’s Soloists’ Competition, to be held in the Orchestra Room on Wednesday 10March. Our external adjudicator for the event is Ms Brenda Jones, a prize winner of the Sydney International Piano Competition, soloist, chamber musician and accompanist, currently working at the Sydney Conservatorium High School. For this event we will be allowed up to 50 audience members in the Orchestra Room. What an amazing feeling it is to see a return of live performances at the School. The Soloists’ Competition is one of the Trinity Music Department’s yearly highlights and will be recorded as well to ensure a wider audience can view performances from the best of our musicians.

Dr Michael McGregor | Director of Co-Curricular Music (PreK-12)

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