Music Leaders 2022

Whilst the extended Greater Sydney Lockdown and remaining COVID restrictions have been unkind to Music, both in and outside of schools, it is nonetheless satisfying this week to be able to appoint the 2022 Music Leaders. These dedicated and experienced musicians are taking up the challenge of leading our younger musicians back to the normal practices and excellence that are a part of the Trinity story and the contribution that music makes to that story. I am buoyed by the depth of music at Trinity and my sense is that the bounce back will be quick. I commend the following boys for their appointment in the following positions:

Hugo M. (12Ar) – Co-Captain of Bands

Martin W. (12Ta) – Co-Captain of Bands

Keagan T. (12WH) – Co-Vice Captain of Bands

Kevin Z. (12He) – Co-Vice Captain of Bands

Evangelos P.s (12Hi) – Co-Captain of Choir

Jack H. (11Yo) – Co-Captain of Choir

Andrew T. (12Du) – Senior Chorister

John D. (12Mu) – Co-Captain of Orchestra

Joseph L. (12St) – Co-Captain of Orchestra

Andrew T. (12Du) – Vice Captain of Orchestra

Joseph L. (12St) – Captain of Music

John D. (12Mu) – Vice Captain of Music

Michael McGregor | Director of Co-Curricular Music (PreK-12) | Head of Faculty – Music

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