Mock Trial vs Trinity Catholic College

Friday, 15 October, saw the Trinity Mock Trial Team, consisting of Josh Perera (12La), William Martin (12WH), Daksh Chuchra (12He), Keith Kwok (12WH), Dylan Wang (12La) and Liam Wingrave (10Ar), take on Trinity Catholic College (Lismore) in their round of 16 bout. In the battle of the Trinities, Trinity Grammar had their work no doubt cut out for them from the outset, as they would be facing the best Mock Trial team in NSW, based on previous results. Our outlook would further be diminished as Trinity Grammar were given the role of defending ‘Alex Vincent’ (played by Will), a hopeless romantic charged with damage to private property, who had allegedly set fire to his mistress’s house in a drunken state.

However, despite also having impending exams and pressures, Trinity Grammar no doubt presented an insightful case to defend their client. This caught Trinity College off-guard from the outset through 1st Barrister Keith’s opening address, clearly setting out the facts of the case to the court. Keith further put tremendous pressure on the opposing counsel through his relentless yet accurate objections, forcing the prosecution to retract many lines of questioning to their own witnesses. In all this though, certainly the highlight of the day was Keith’s ability to handle the opposition’s 14 objections with an aura of tranquillity and poise unrivalled in the courtroom.

Keith was also able to extract valuable information from the accused, played by Will, who was cool under pressure through a rather ruthless and demanding cross-examination from the opposing counsel. Will was also able to effectively communicate his innocence through his own testimonies and facts, much to the opposing counsel’s surprise, to which they had no response.

Josh, the closing barrister, would close the case for Trinity Grammar. Whilst dealing with a witness who seemed determined to waste Josh’s precious cross-examination time, he was expertly able to dissect the opponent’s own words and use them as evidence to implore his own client’s innocence, whilst dealing with all ten of the prosecution’s objections thrown his way. Support was also provided through Daksh, playing the role of Charlie Bergkanp, the accused’s best friend, solidifying the testimonies of the character of the accused and a timeline of events that the defence had brought to fruition. Trinity Grammar’s fate was sealed as Josh delivered another masterful and witty closing argument, taking the mock court through a step-by-step breakdown of the case, using the words of the opposition against them and holistically proving the accused’s innocence.

The teamwork, preparation and execution from Trinity Grammar handed us a proud, but nonetheless tough win over their rivals, as the Judge declared Alex Vincent not guilty of damage to private property. It is here that special mentions must go to Dylan, the solicitor, who was able to keep an impressively detailed account of all the new evidence that the opposition threw at Trinity, aiding both the cross-examinations and closing addresses from Trinity Grammar. Liam, the Court Officer, also played his role of maintaining the order in the court to a high standard. Special thanks to Mr Shipp for seamlessly organising and co-ordinating the event, both before and during the trial. Also to Mr Pratt, who, whilst enjoying his long-service leave, still tuned in to watch the mock trial.

Trinity Grammar School will progress to the quarter-finals of the NSW Mock Trial competition for the first time in school history!

Liam Wingrave (10Ar)

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