Mandarin Recitation Competition Final

Great Achievement in 2021 Mandarin Recitation Competition Final in Beijing China

In Term 2, many Junior School boys competed in the ‘Hello Mandarin’ Recitation Competition held in Sydney. The winners of the competition were invited to compete in the Grand Final of ‘The Voice of Hua Yun’ International Chinese Recitation Competition, held in Beijing, by sending over their performance videos.

Three Junior School boys, Mimo Kim (1K), James Saunders (4C) and William Saunders (6T), who were Age Group Champions in the ‘Hello Mandarin’ Recitation Competition, participated in the Grand Final. They worked extremely hard during remote learning last term, practising stories and filming their videos.

The Grand Final was held in early October with 500 participants from China, Australia, Germany and New Zealand.

The competition was strong. Mimo, James and William were the only non-native Mandarin speakers in their age groups. They all had to compete with native Mandarin speakers and each boy did an amazing job. William won ‘Year 5-6 Group Champion’. Mimo and James were awarded first prize in the Year 1-2 and Year 3-4 groups respectively. Congratulations, boys!

Their performance videos will be available shortly on our School YouTube for you to watch and enjoy.

Mary Wang | Mandarin Teacher, Junior School

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