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School Holidays

With another period of school holidays ahead of us in lockdown, we need to be focusing on the things we can do! The Library team has been looking at some options as to how you can spend some time together taking part in fun activities and enjoying some quality literature. Please have a look at some of our ideas below:

BookTrust – This website has lots of picture books that are read to you.

National Geographic Kids – This website has lots of reading material, quizzes and knowledge about our world.

Street Library – This was mentioned last week in Prep News. Now that we can go outside and enjoy the sunshine with a beautiful picnic in the park, why not pick up a book on the way.

However you spend your holidays, if it is done with a book, please email us a picture of you enjoying your chosen book to Not only does it bring a smile to our face, but it is an opportunity for us to share your images in future Prep News articles.


We have been sharing this resource for a few weeks with you now and would like to encourage you to continue to use it. The website is www. and the login is just your normal school one. A big shout out to Joseph in Year 3 who emailed us with a request for Frankie Fish to be added to the online library. We have ordered it and hopefully it will be there for him to enjoy in the holidays. Please keep your requests coming in as we only want to add books that you want to read!

Author Spotlight – Felicity Marshall                                            

Felicity Marshall is an Australian painter and author/illustrator of children’s books. She grew up in the country outside Perth, Western Australia – the daughter of an Australian photojournalist father and an English mother from Yorkshire.

Felicity taught for one year in an art school and then moved to Melbourne where she worked in film production for seventeen years. In 1983 her house burned down in the Ash Wednesday bushfires in Victoria, destroying all her work, including six years of paintings ready for a major exhibition.

A few years later, Felicity started to write and illustrate children’s books, drawing on her experience in the film industry, in dance performance and her skills as a photographer and painter.

Recently Felicity wrote The Very Clever Bee. Bees know exactly what they are doing and curious children want to learn their secrets:

  • What goes on inside a beehive?
  • How do bees make honey?
  • What is pollination?

This book answers these questions!

Abigail Nel | Inquiry Learning Integrator

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