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National Simultaneous Storytime

NSS was held last Wednesday, the whole school watched Shannon Walker read Give Me Some Space from the International Space Station. It was lovely to see all the wonderful and creative space helmets that were made by the students & staff for this event!

The Scholastic Book Club Issue 4 is now out & available for parents and students to purchase their favourite books. Log on and order now, orders close on June 7, 2021.

Scholastic Book Club

Browse the catalogue here: Scholastic Book Club Issue 4

Place your order here: BookClub ordering for parents

Winners – Holiday Writing Competition

Congratulations to Raghav Kaivaram of 1M & Cayden Tsang of 3G, the winners of our holiday competition – Write an Awesome Story. Each student has won a $50 Scholastic voucher that they can spend in the Library.

Lunchtime Chess

We are so delighted to see many boys visiting the Library at recess & lunchtime enjoying a casual game of chess.

Abigail Nel | Inquiry Learning Integrator

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