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Premier’s Reading Challenge 2021

Get your reading hats on, the PRC has started for 2021! The event, running from Monday 1 March to Friday 20 August, is intended to inspire a love of reading in students from Kindergarten to Year 9. All boys in the Junior School were introduced to the challenge this week in Library/UOI sessions.

Participating students must read a set number of books from a prescribed list: 30 picture books for students in K to Year 2, and 20 books for students in Years 3 to 6. Students are allowed to have five ‘choice’ books on their list, while the remaining books must be selected from the PRC reading list that corresponds with their grade (or the level above).

To add books to their reading records, boys must log on to the website with their personal log in information. A sticker has been placed in the front of your son’s Record Book with these details. If you have any trouble logging in please send us an email at and we will be happy to assist. Students in Years 3 to 6 have had a lesson in navigating the website and adding books to their record (or will do next week), so they should be able to do this independently.

For students in K to Year 2, Library staff will upload any PRC books that the boys borrow and read from the Junior School Library onto their reading record. The K to Year 2 boys have also been shown the website, so parents may wish to logon with younger students and add any books read at home.

Books from the Premier’s Reading Challenge lists will be on display throughout the Library for the entirety of the challenge. Look for the coloured stickers on the spines of the books (red for K to Year 2, green for Years 3 to 4, purple for Years 5 to 6 and blue for books on the Years 7 to 9 lists for any of our older boys who want to push themselves). All boys in the Junior School are strongly encouraged to participate in the challenge. Research has shown the benefits of reading widely and extensively to/by people of all ages, but especially school aged children. Those who complete the challenge will receive a certificate at the end of the year, with those boys who have completed the challenge for 4 years receiving a gold award and those who have done the challenge for 7 years receiving a platinum award. There is even a special medallion awarded to any child who completes the challenge every year from Year 3 to Year 9, so make sure your son’s hard work isn’t wasted because he forgot to input books into his record.

Caitlin Weber | Library Services Specialist

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