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Kindergarten are looking at How We Organise Ourselves in their Unit of Inquiry. Currently, they are looking at how buildings matter. We have been reading about buildings during library time. Last week the boys re-told the story of the Three Little Pigs with finger puppets, straw, sticks and bricks. We looked at the materials used to make the buildings in this classic story. We also read The Three Little Pigs, An Architectural Tale by Steven Guarnaccia. In this book, the homes of the pigs are made out of scraps, glass or stone and concrete. These homes are inspired by signature houses of three famous architects; Frank Gehry, Phillip Johnson and Lloyd Write. The boys then drew their favourite house or a house they would like to live in. 

We also celebrated Library Lovers’ Day last week with the boys participating in a competition to make new book marks for the Library. We had some fabulous entries, and nine were chosen to be made into bookmarks. Great effort to all the boys who used their artistic talents for this activity.

Nikki Bowden | Teaching and Learning Librarian

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