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It’s Recycling Week and in the Library we’ve been looking at books about recycling.

Books about Recycling

For young readers we have books such as Recycling Fun and Why should I recycle? There’s also astory about The Adventures of a Plastic Bottle who eventually makes it into space.

For older readers, there are books such as ‘What a Waste’ and A Planet full of Plastic. These books describe the sorts of problems that recycling might help us to solve.

We also have lots of books that explain the process of recycling and how different materials can be treated.

Best of all, there are practical books for the boys to borrow with some great suggestions about what they can do themselves: such as Rubbish and Recycling Step-By-Step and This Class Can Save the Planet and 10 Things I can do to help my world.

Happy Recycling at home and at school!

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