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We have a great vantage point in the Library for watching the comings and goings at Mrs Bargwanna’s Garden Patch. It seems like a lot of fun. This week we’ve pulled some books off the shelves about gardening so students can take a closer look at them.

Garden Patch books

The Library has books about how to garden, such as ‘Easy Peasy – Gardening for Kids’ or as ‘Kids in the Garden’ or ‘We Are Gardeners’.

There are books about bees, trees, and things that live in the garden, such as ‘The Very Clever Bee’ and ‘Tree Beings’ and ‘Stick Insects’. There are non-fiction books with interesting facts, such as: ‘I Ate Sunshine for Breakfast’.

We also have story books about gardens, such as ‘In a Garden’ or ‘Plant the Tiny Seed’ or ‘The Story of Frog Belly Rat Bone’. Of course, there is ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar and we also have ‘The Bad-tempered Ladybird’.

Mrs Bargwanna suggests it would be good to get more books about composting and worms. We are considering acquiring a book called ‘Wiggling Worms at Work’. Perhaps also Compost Stew.

So, if you’re enjoying having fun with Mrs Bargwanna’s Garden Patch, or perhaps doing some gardening of your own at home, don’t forget to consider borrowing a book from the Library about gardening!

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