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These books below have helped our boys understand and appreciate the world around them. They have been chosen to help delve deeper into their unit of inquiry and support the learning of the classroom teachers.

Year 3 are exploring how children worldwide encounter a range of challenges, risks and opportunities. We read the book The Bicycle by the Save The Children Organisation in Australia. Australian author and illustrator Colin Thompson visited Cambodia in 2008 and was struck at how disadvantaged children were who lived in remote villages. He saw that the opportunity to attend the local school was made challenging by the distance the children needed to travel by foot to get there. “So Save the Children gave them $50 bicycles and that bicycle is the difference between a child spending their life unable to read or write and working hard just to survive, or becoming anything they want from a teacher to a doctor to the president of their country.

The illustrations in this book show how the bicycle fits into our lives in different ways. In the rich bits of the world, the bicycle is something we take for granted. We use it for exercise and relaxation, but we never think of it as something that will change our lives in a particularly dramatic way. Yet to many people, a bicycle is the key to their greatest dreams.” Colin Thompson

The boys drew themselves on bicycles riding somewhere.

Kindergarten’s Unit of Inquiry is exploring the idea that journeys are made for different reasons. We read the book You Might Find Yourself by Tai Snaith. It is a beautifully illustrated Australian picture book using multi-media to provoke imagination and curiosity about exploring the world around us. Kindergarten chose their favourite page to reflect on.

Year Two are considering how history provides and insight into cultural and personal identity for their Unit of Inquiry. We read Grandma’s Treasured Shoes by Coral Vass. This picture book helps students to understand the journey of a Vietnamese refugee coming to Australia and the importance of appreciating the past and the present.

Nikki Bowden | Teaching and Learning Librarian

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