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The Keeper of the Lost Cities by Shannan Messenger

Review by Terrance Ho

The genre of this book is fiction, fantasy, humour, adventure and romance.

The main character of this story was Sophie Elizabeth Foster.

She can be very impatient, and she worries a lot and gets serious when she knows that her friends are hurt.I have mixed feelings about Sophie because sometimes she makes good decisions and sometimes she does things I would never do.

The 3 main events of the story are

  1. Sophie meets Fitz who tells her she is an elf.
  2. Sophie passes a tribunal and gets to attend the noble, elf school, Fox Fire.
  3. Sophie and Dex get kidnapped in a cave.

An example of cause and effect in one of the events in the book are:

Cause: The kidnappers throw Sophie and Dex’s registry pendants in the ocean.

Effect: the council will think that Sophie and Dex drowned because the registry pendants will tell the council where you have been.

This book made me feel scared and dreamy because there are kidnappers that would want to remove you and there are animals that humans think are extinct or aren’t real like dodos and unicorns.

I rate this book 5 stars because anything can happen, for example, Sophie lived with humans for 12 years thinking she is human and suddenly a boy comes and tells her that she was an elf.

Author spotlight

Shannon Messenger graduated from the USC School of Cinematic Arts where she learned—among other things—that she liked watching movies much better than making them. She’s studied art, screenwriting, and film production, but realized her real passion was writing stories for children. She’s the New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of the award-winning middle grade series, Keeper of the Lost Cities, as well as the Sky Fall series for young adults. Her books have been featured on multiple state reading lists, published in numerous countries, and translated into many different languages. She lives in Southern California with an embarrassing number of cats.

The Junior School library has copies of the Keeper of the Lost Cities series available for borrowing when the boys return to school.

Nikki Bowden | Teaching and Learning Librarian

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