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Year 5 has been learning about Space this term in their Unit of Inquiry. The class teachers have adapted the ideas and concepts learned about space and shown how they can be turned into poetry. The boys have then used Library time for some modelling and practice of their delivery of their space poems. Our Head Master, Mr Bowden and Deputy Head Master, Mr Barr, have provided some input into how to deliver poetry to the boys during Library time. Mr Barr recorded himself on video reciting a poem and reflecting on some of the dos and don’ts when reciting poetry. This week Mr Bowden delivered a couple of poems that he has known since childhood to the boys and discussed the meaning and significance of the poems. He also explained that being a clear communicator is crucial for the audience to be able to hear and understand the poem. A selection of boys recited their poems in front of all of Year 5, and Mr Bowden was able to provide some feedback. He encouraged the boys to learn their poems off by heart, committing them to memory. There were a number of boys who were able to do this. The Year 5 boys who presented their poems are to be commended for developing their risk-taking and communicating skills.

Boys have been encouraged to borrow some good reads for the holidays. A collection of books about holidays is on our provocation table this week. Boys were asked where they are going on holidays and who they are going with. Many boys are looking forward to the break and some time to spend with family and friends.

Nikki Bowden | Teaching and Learning Librarian

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