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Year 6 had an incursion from the State Library of NSW. A 45-minute Zoom meeting with a curator from the State Library showcased items in their collection. The presenter was able to show the timeline of migration in Australia and help explain the differences between migrant, refugee and asylum seeker. This information assisted with the learning the boys are doing on migration at the moment.

Year 5 has been looking at space, and we have taken an Indigenous perspective of how space has been interpreted by our First Nations people. We have looked at stories about the Emu in the Sky, The Canoe in Orion and the Seven Sisters. We have also been able to contrast this with stories of the stars as interpreted by Ancient Greek Mythology. It was also interesting to look at the NASA website and see these same stars through the Hubble telescope.

Year 4 has been learning about systems. During Library time we have looked at transport systems and how they have changed over time. We have also looked at what is needed in a system and what might need to happen if the system is no longer working. Comparisons were made to the transport system in Sydney to the systems in Moscow.

Year 3 is inquiring about natural environments, and this week we were looking more closely at desert environments. Deserts are areas that receive very little precipitation. If you were to guess the world’s largest desert, which one would you predict? You would be right if you thought the Antarctic desert, followed by the Arctic. Comparisons were made between Australian deserts and those found overseas.

Year 2 continue to look at ways that we can look after our environment. The boys wrote letters to Colgate and Pepsi last week, asking them to be sustainable with their use of palm oil for their products. After reading ‘There’s a Rang-Tan’ in my bedroom by James Sellick, the boys took action to help protect the Orangutans in Indonesia. We will wait and see what responses we get.

Year 1’s unit of inquiry has them looking at how we make sense of our community. After spending time looking at various aspects of our local community, we have shifted our focus to the global community. Year One has been able to draw on world events such as Coronavirus and World Hunger to see that we can be prompted to work together to make a difference.

Kindergarten is finishing up looking at renewable energy, and we have spent time looking at how we need to be responsible for looking after our resources. They have also been able to compare their use of natural resources with those around the world.

Book Reviews

Jordan 5C | The Stolen Prince of Cloudburst by Jaclyn Moriarty

“The Stolen Prince of Cloudburst” is about a girl called Esther, who likes writing stories. When she turns up at her school, Katherine Valley Boarding School, something strange is going on. Her new teacher called Mrs Pollocks is rumoured to be an ogre, and is being mean to all the students in the Grade 6 class, although all the children like her, and think she is a wonderful, funny teacher! Shadow mages, which are evil creatures that use dark magic, are coming into the nearby towns due to a river overflowing in their territory, and Grade 6 nearly got attacked by them. The spellbinder (a person who binds dark magic) that was protecting the school is gone, and they won’t get another one. It is up to Esther to do this.

All the while, the sea is acting strangely.

Esther doesn’t feel skilful like her sisters. She’s not as good as them at poker and swimming. But somehow, slowly but surely, Esther has to save the kingdom.

I would rate this book 5 out of 5 stars because it has a wonderfully interesting storyline and spectacular descriptive language. When I picked it up, I was glued to it!

Nathan 5T | Zoe, Max and the Bicycle Bus by Steven Herrick.

This captivating book by Steven Herrick is about kids riding to school with their teacher. The bicycle craze started when the teacher suggested that they all ride to school together to save the earth. It was a hit. Soon the whole class was riding with each other on weekends. But there was a problem. On the way to school on Fisher Road, the bike lane disappeared making it hard for the class to stay safe with all the cars. But Zoe and Max are perseverant. Early in the morning, Max borrows his father’s line marking machine he uses to paint the soccer fields and with Zoe and Mr Bertoldii’s help, they paint a bike lane in Fisher Road. Will they ever get found out? This is for you to find out. This book I would recommend for people who are interested in fiction books. Everyone in this room is capable of reading this book and will enjoy it a lot. This book is also on the Premier’s Reading Challenge. I rate this book a 4 out of 5 stars because I don’t think there was much action in it but it was still an enjoyable book.

Nikki Bowden | Teaching and Learning Librarian

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