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Dog or cat? What is your preference?  This is the question I have asked at the provocation table for the boys this week in the Library. The table has a selection of information books on dogs and cats from the 636 section of the Library. Baskets of books have been placed on the floor with our collection of picture books with dog or cat themes. Boys have been keen to write their responses, with the clear favourite being dogs.  “I like dogs because they are protective.” “They are more fun.” “Because they are the best.” “I love them.” “I have one and when I get home I love it when he jumps up on me and gives me a dog kiss.” “Dogs improve your health because you need to walk them.”

Picture books can be a powerful way to interpret and make meaning from an image. This week, Year 6 has been looking at picture books about their current Unit of Inquiry on migration and applying some visual literacy skills to better understand the message of the book.  Two elements of visual literacy that we focused on were body language and gaze, and the colour hue and tone of the page. Some of the picture books that we looked at are on the Premier’s Reading Challenge for Years 5 and 6; a few of these included Teacup by Rebecca Young; Wisp, a story of hope by Zana Fraillon and Beth, the story of a child convict by Mark Wilson. 

Book Review by Ruairi in 6J

Bindi by Kirli Saunders

Bindi is a great award-winning book about the challenges an outback town has to face when a bushfire threatens their town and how they recover afterwards. My favourite part is when they rescue the black cockatoo. It is a very sentimental book. I rate it 3.5 stars.

Nikki Bowden | Teaching and Learning Librarian

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