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We have been building and weeding in the Library lately. This sounds a little strange and out of context, but we have been building our collection of books, as well removing others that are no longer fit for purpose.

The Library has been building its 200 collection as its current state was a little on the skinny side. In the dewy decimal system of organisation, the 200’s cover Religion. Our Junior School Christian Studies teacher has recommended many fabulous books that help explain different elements of the Christian faith that are age appropriate for our boys. These have been recently covered and are on the shelf ready for borrowing.

During the school holidays the Library Services Specialists were busy ‘weeding’ books from our collection. These staff were able to use the data from our circulation system to help determine which books had not been borrowed in a long time, and therefore could find another home; or remove books that were looking very tired and unappealing. Many of these books have been donated to charity.

Mother’s Day

With this Sunday being Mother’s Day, we have collated some beautiful picture books for display about Mums. Some favourites include two by Philip Bunting: Wild about Mums, and Mum for Sale; Renne Teml’s Sleep tight, Platypup and Nick Bland’s, Some Mums. These books are delightfully written and illustrated are all available for borrowing.

Boys have also been writing on coloured card about why their Mum is great. Some of these include: “My Mum is great because she cares for me and tells me the right thing.” Lachlan

“My Mum is great because she’s always supporting me and she cooks for me. She’ll always make me smile and she makes me feel proud.” Harry

“My Mum is not great. She is wonderful! She gives me lots to do and takes me to the places I want to go. She cooks the best food and makes my friends feel jealous with the food I have for lunch.” Luke

“She cares for me when I am sick and she takes me to school and she makes me lunch every day.” Jordan

“You are the best Mum because you work hard and are caring. You make good food and have your own nice, loving and caring personality ever!” David

“My Mum is great. She takes me to play centres and sometimes I get to go to the Zoo.” Jack

This week’s book reviews

Haywire is a book written by Claire Saxby. It is about a German boy who must flee his country to get away from Hitler in WWII. He goes to England but then gets arrested because the English think he is a spy for Germany. He ends up in a prison camp in Australia far from home and then meets a boy who tries to help him get back to his family and friends. I’d recommend this book to people that enjoy war stories because it shows you how hard it was for people to live in the war times. I give this book a 4 out of 5 star rating.

Jake 6T

Amari Peters and the Night Brothers is a brilliant book written by B. B. Alston. It is about a girl called Amari, whose brother disappeared a few years ago. She hopes she will find her brother one day, and eventually finds out he was part of the Bureau for supernatural affairs. It helps keep creatures such as witches and werewolves from being discovered and destroying the world. His brother was going to invite her to join, and so she accepts the invitation. It is a brilliant book that is impossible to put down. I would rate it 5/5 stars.

Ben 6H

Nikki Bowden | Teaching and Learning Librarian

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