Kindy iPad Boot Camp

On Wednesday, as part of Safer Internet Week, a selected group of IT Gurus ran the Kindy iPad Boot Camp course. The Boot Camp is a unique programme designed to teach the Kindy boys new technology and iPad skills. These skills included coding with Scratch Jr, green screening and robotics using our new Sphero Bolts on the iPads.

One group of IT Gurus taught the Kindy boys how to use an entry-level coding app, Scratch Jr. This group learnt how to make an animal do incredible stunts, jumps, flips and all sorts of fun using block coding.

Another IT Guru duo helped run the Sphero robotics section. This group of boys was introduced to our Makerspace robotics collection and used our new Sphero Bolts to drive around. Spheros are an excellent, fun and educational toy. After mastering moving the Spheros, they used an iPad to control their robot and play some Sphero soccer!

Finally, we had the green screen group, which taught the boys about the magic of green screen technology! Each boy got to dress up and stand in front of either the blue or green screen and take a picture with their favourite characters from TV shows, movies and even video games!  We even taught them how to do it themselves!  It was great to see the reactions when they saw they were with their favourite superheroes!

Overall, the Kindergarten kids had lots of fun and enjoyed doing all the activities. The boys learnt quite quickly how to use all the technologies.  We hope they enjoyed the course and can’t wait to teach them more!

Marcus Xistouris (6T) and Luca Gerbino (6T) | IT Gurus

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