Junior School Mozart Strings Ensemble

This week, 2021 Music Leader Charlie Yao (6Fo) showcases and introduces the Junior School Mozart Strings Ensemble.

Mozart strings is for K to 2 boys who play violin or cello and who are at the beginning of their musical journey. This is the first opportunity to play in an authentic String Orchestra, where they sing, play and work together. They learn orchestra ensemble discipline, manners and stage presentation. Boys in Mozart Strings regularly perform at assembly and important school events like the Junior School Evening of Music. Boys experiment with sound, learning how to play with dynamics, phrasing and the importance of listening to everyone in the ensemble. Rehearsals are also about playing with your friends and practising with proper posture, bow technique and pizzicato, instead of only doing this alone at home.

Mozart Strings rehearse every Monday and the boys are very excited and proud to be part of the ensemble. We believe this is a very good starting platform before boys are promoted into the core ensemble of Intermezzo or the promotion ensemble of Vivaldi Strings.

Here is just a sample of what boys in Mozart Strings say about their experience:

I love playing music with my friends | Asher Buultjens (1Ta)

I really like playing the violin with all of the music teachers | Cooper Mitevski (1Fo)

I like playing music with my friends on Mondays and learning things in my private lessons on Tuesdays | Byron Ma (2Ta)

I love violin because one day it will make me famous | Krishna Kotwal (1Yo)

It’s fun and it sounds pretty good | Merlin Hoang (Merlin) Nguyen (2La)

It’s another chance to play my instrument | Kyriakos Kottakis (2La)

It is cool because you get to practice for the big bands | James Sutherland (2Ta)

Images by Giovanni Portelli Photography © 2018
Images by Giovanni Portelli Photography © 2018

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