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Hello Mandarin Recitation Competition Group Finals and Angel Reading Showcase 2021

On Saturday, 22nd of May, 63 Trinity Junior School boys participated in the grand final of the group recitation competition. There were six non-Mandarin speaking groups from Year 1 to Year 5 performing ancient Chinese poems and one Mandarin speaking group which had boys from Year 3 to 6 performing a modern Chinese poem. Everyone performed with confidence and great passion. 

As a Mandarin leader, I was deeply touched by all the teams’ confidence and the build-up of the team spirit. Even though each of us only had a few sentences to say in the performance, everyone gave their hundred percent and demonstrated great teamwork! 

On the day there were 20 school groups. It was very intense because every group was trying hard to deliver their best. When it was our turn, we showed the most fabulous performance. As a result, the Mandarin speakers group won the Championship for Chinese Background Groups and the 3N group won the Non-Chinese Background Championship. Year 4 and 5C class groups won gold medals and Year 1 and 2 group, 3B group and 5B and 5T group won silver medals. Everyone was excited, jumping up and down when they received the result. 

Congratulations to the following boys who participated in the group competition representing our School.

1K: Asher Buultjens, Raphael Mesiti, Raphael Karlos, Gabriel Karlos, Zac Chirico, Reuben Dhar, Cooper Mitevski, Krishna Kotwal, Lucas Lieu, Neil Mohorikar.

2R: Aaron Cherian, James Sutherland, Marcus Tsia.

3B:  Ian Deng, Ethan Jin, Dimitri Karlos, William Millena, Nicholas Lim, Kian Lieu.

3N:  Zihao Ji, Hugo Song, Christopher Xu, Leo Chen, Paul Karlos, Arjun Roy, Aaron Thekkedath, Jonah Chan.

4C: Felix Yao, James Saunders, Tianyang Zhao, Ewan Yam, Rahid Chowdhury, Alex Anastasi, Ash Dao, Jack Bray.

4J: Jayden Yang, Jackie Jiang, Jay Zhang, Adam Zhao, Nicholas Ma, Andrew Zeng, Lachlan Tucker.

5B: James Fang, Vito Zhou, Owen Li, George Halvagi, Noah Girgis, Austin Albrighton, Zac Marques.

5C: Oscar Yang, Jordan Buultjens, Mateo Lazanja, Marko Pavic, Lachlan Davies, Luke Holani.

5T: Oliver Newton, Luke Nunez, Nathan Jones, Alexander Chung, Charles Russell. 

6H: Samuel Zheng

6T: Charlie Yao, William Saunders

On the same day, 16 Junior School boys participated in the ‘Angel Reading Showcase’ Final and performed wonderfully. They all received the excellent performance award. Some of them had never been on a stage before but they all demonstrated confidence and gave their best performances. Well done! A special congratulations to them!

KW: Skyler Guo

2R: Marcus Tsia, Byron Ma, Mason Shi

3B: Ian Deng, Ryder Elsibai

3N: Christopher Xu, Leo Chen

4C: Rahid Chowdhury, Ewan Yam

4J: Adam Zhao, Jayden Yang, Lachlan Tucker

5C: Oscar Yang

5B: Owen Li, George Halvagi 

Our team would like to thank Mrs Wang for her dedication. I can’t imagine achieving such a great outcome without her day-to-day support. I would like to thank every single participant for sacrificing their lunchtimes, weekends and even their holiday to practise their poems. Special thanks to our parents who supported us in the past few months and were there for us during the competition! 

I am sure this is not the end of our learning journey in Mandarin. On the contrary, it is a new beginning of further developing our language skills and confidence. 

Charlie Yao | Junior School Mandarin Leader

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