ISDA Debating

Year 6 students are invited to trial for the Junior School ISDA Debating team.

The ISDA Debating Competition is an excellent opportunity for students to develop their skills in critical thinking, arguing and public speaking. All ISDA debates will occur on Friday afternoons. Within in this competition debaters are given one hour to prepare for each debate with the support of a coach. Due to the current restrictions related to COVID 19, all debates in the foreseeable future will occur online via Zoom.

Selected students will train and prepare as a team each week. All boys will be required to attend the debate each week. If they do not have a speaking role for the week, they will attend in a reserve or chairperson/timekeeper capacity. They will also take notes on the debate to feedback to the team at training, and to be used as part of a Junior School News article.

Year 6 boys who are interested, are encouraged to trial for the team, on Thursday Week 2 (4th February) and Thursday Week 3 (11th February) from 3:30 – 4:30pm.

Please express your interest via email to Mrs Taylor by Wednesday 3rd February.

Mrs Jessica Taylor

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