Introducing the Eco Warriors

Here at the Prep School we are fortunate to have boys that are passionate about taking action and making a difference to the School and society in general. 

At the end of last term, a group of students organised a time each week during lunch breaks to pick up rubbish around the campus. They went to the effort to put up posters advertising when the ‘Clean Up Group’ would be meeting, and their slogan was ‘Help make the School a better place’. Each week there were a growing number of students that wanted to get involved.

The initiative, which was led by the students, then prompted a call for action with the support of Mrs Smeulders and Mr Lever. This term has seen the formation of the Eco Warriors who are a group of students that are passionate about making the School and the planet more environmentally sustainable for future generations.

This week at Primary and Infant’s Chapel, several of the Eco Warriors launched the initiative. They educated their peers about putting the correct rubbish in the appropriate bins. They did this by playing a game and introducing the characters ‘Carl the Cardboard Cruncher’, ‘Michael the Recycler’ and ‘Wendy the Waste Destroyer’. The presentation concluded with all the boys from Kindergarten to Year 6 singing a song about recycling that they have been learning over several weeks. 

The Eco Warriors would like to encourage you to continue to have conversations at home about the importance of recycling and how we can all play a part in caring for our environment.

Stay tuned for more initiatives that the Eco Warriors are looking to implement over the coming terms.

Richard Lever | Deputy Head of the Preparatory School

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