‘Hello Mandarin’ Recitation Competition 2021

In the last few months many of us competed in the ‘Hello Mandarin’ Recitation Competition. It is a competition that encourages students to learn Mandarin and build up confidence in public speaking.

At Trinity we have been participating in the competition for four years. With Mrs Wang’s help, our team is getting bigger and stronger. This year we had a record of 75 contestants that joined the competition. We chose from a variety of stories and poems to practise our Mandarin speaking. We need to understand the meaning of it first. Then we try to read it aloud and memorise it, which is hard but enjoyable. At the end we need to add expression, emotions and use gestures in the performance.

On April 28 we had the 2nd round competition at Junior School. It was a great success! We had the competition organiser and the chief judge coming over to judge the competition. The competition was mainly run by the Mandarin leaders, some school leaders and some great helpers from Year 4 and Year 5. They hosted the competition, introduced contestants, set up the venue and organised filming and microphones. They were responsible and they demonstrated great leadership skills.

After the 2nd round some boys entered ‘Hello Mandarin’ final competition and some boys entered ‘Angel Reading’ final competition. 21 Junior School boys participated in the final competition on Sunday, May 9. There were more than 150 contestants from many schools in NSW. We successfully represented our school on the big stage. We performed our stories and poems to a huge audience and the judges.

The competition was tough, but all the boys did an excellent job! Three boys won the age group champion, 10 got gold medals, four got silver medals and the Karlos boys got the 1st prize in family group competition. Congratulations to these boys! They are: Dewey (KW), Marco, Kyle, Mimo, Raphael K and Gabriel K (1K), Nathan and Paul (3B), Arjun, Dimitri and Zihao (3N), Alex, Felix, Tianyang and James (4C), Nicholas (4J), James F(5B), Jordan (5C), Charles (5T), Charlie and William (6T).

We thank Mrs Wang for her ongoing support. She encouraged us and she was always there for us. She volunteered her own time to help us. Without her professional specialty and kindness, we wouldn’t have had such a great success in the competition. We would also like to thank our parents for assisting us in practice. We will have another group of Junior School boys doing ‘Angel Reading’ final competition and group competitions on Saturday, May 22. I’m sure we will have another big success.

Charlie Yao | Mandarin Leader, Junior School

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