Golf | Round 8 | Strathfield Golf Club

Independent Schools’ Golf Series 2020-2021, Saturday 20 February 2021

We were hosting at Strathfield last Saturday. Not that you could tell, as Mr Collins from Riverview, the ‘Grand Pooh Bah’ of the competition had things humming when I arrived early thinking I may have had to do something ‘organisational!’ Rather I was indeed fortunate to be able to relax and have a chat with Team Trinity and their parents. Incidentally, I think we have the best parents at Trinity, certainly amongst the golfers, as all are super supportive, have a liberal dose of perspective and even manage to laugh at my jokes – well, occasionally…

As we were ‘hosting’ we were last off and up against St Joseph’s. Joeys had suffered a drubbing in the previous contest and hence our team was confident. It was also great to have Sebastian Sara (11Du) back from injury, arguably our most reliable golfer. However, not being able to spend as much time as normal on the short green stuff recently ensured the going was tough in his match. He fought hard, as always, and took his match deep, yet lost on the 16th, 4 and 2. His Trinity team-mate and playing partner, Jack Barter (11St) swung it as well as I have seen from him for some time. His short game was replete with fine touch and nuance. He too fought hard and the match was still alive on the 17th. Jack unfortunately overcooked his approach and lost his ball in a hazard. After the enforced drop, despite another fine chip, Jack lost the hole and the match, 2 and 1.

It is a pleasure the spend the afternoon with these fine young men, and certainly Alexander Jacob (10Fo), who is surely one of Trinity’s finest ambassadors. He also keeps many of us accountable – well, certainly me. After losing a hard-fought battle in which he played very well and with improvement, I commented positively to Alex that he is playing so much better this season, though the odd errant shot and subsequent lack of consistency is hurting him in his matches. He replied, very politely; ‘You say that every week, Sir…’ Hmm… What a champ! He lost his match on the 15th, 5 and 3.

Speaking of champs, it was Michael Hatzistergos (8Mu) who we once again relied upon to carry the big boys in the team. Despite starting slowly, he worked his way into a commanding position in his match on the 16th tee, as he was ‘dormy’, 3 up with 3 to play. However, his opponent found something, in what was a war of attrition, and won the next three holes to square the match and snatch victory from Michael’s grasp. Michael’s ‘half’ was our only competitive joy on the day, as St Joseph’s turned the table on their recent performances and we received a solid drubbing; despite all matches being close and competitive. That’s not to say it wasn’t a most ‘joyful’ afternoon at Strathfield!

The less said about the leader board the better…

Good golfing,

Michael Spratt | MIC

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