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Being REAL…Authentically Trinity

In my Parent Information session address that was shared with parents at the beginning of the year, I introduced a theme we are planning to explore with the students in 2021; Being REAL…Authentically Trinity. In essence, we want our boys to be conscious of belonging to something bigger than just the Prep School. We want them to be aware of the fact that Trinity has a rich history with strong traditions that goes back over 100 years. We want them to appreciate that the expectations placed on them in terms of standards and behaviour have been similarly placed on those that have walked in their shoes in years gone by, including those that are slightly bigger than them at Summer Hill. We want them to appreciate the importance of behaving in a way that is Authentically Trinity. We want them to Be REAL in the way that they conduct themselves. This year at the Prep School, REAL will act as an acronym to help the boys remember the expectations that we place on them.

  • Be Ready, Respectful and Reliable
  • Be Engaged and Enthusiastic
  • Be Accepting, Assured and Appreciative
  • Be a Learner

Throughout this week I have taken the opportunity to speak with the boys about ‘R’ – being Ready, Respectful and Reliable.

We expect the students to be ready, reliable and respectful. This covers a range of standards and a general approach to school life. We want our boys to be aware of the expectations we have of them in terms of uniform, manners, speaking with adults and one another, preparedness to learn, and the list goes on. We want these standards to become second nature rather requiring a teacher or parents to constantly remind them. I completely appreciate the need for this to be a sliding scale with less expected of our Pre-K boys than our Year 6 boys, however, we do hope that there is growth each and every day.

One of the small things I mentioned to the boys this week was the importance of using the names of teachers when they speak with them or walk past them in the playground. It has been lovely to be personally greeted by so many boys this week. It is the small things that make a big difference and make our students Authentically Trinity.

Berea Mission

This week we have benefited from having a group of Senior School boys from Trinity join us as part of the Berea Mission. The Berea Group is a weekly Christian group that meets at the High School. Once a year, the boys head out to engage with different school and community groups across Sydney. Throughout the week the boys have been involved in Christian Studies classes, Sport, Chapel and much more. We thank the boys for their involvement, ministry to our boys and their service.

Beyond their involvement in these specific activities, the boys have also helped to confirm the message above about being Authentically Trinity as they have set a fine example of what these standards look like a few years on.

Llandilo Development

The Llandilo Development continues to move ahead at a great rate despite some rain in the last couple of weeks. This week the form work was completed in preparation for the pouring of the upper ground floor slab and stairs. It is exciting to see this take place so quickly. Within weeks we will have the structure of the new building in place!

Road Safety

As members of the Trinity Prep community, I ask parents to prioritise the safety of our boys in the morning and afternoon as you drop off and pick up your boys. I feel like a broken record as I continue to make reference to road safety, but it continues to be an area of concern for me and other members of our School community. I urge parents to consider the safety and wellbeing of our students over convenience. By this I mean that parents should avoid performing three-point turns in Llandilo Avenue and instead take the long way around by turning left at The Boulevarde. Whilst this no doubt adds to the commute, it does ensure the risks associated with drop off are limited. Similarly, I encourage parents to use the Kiss and Ride service to avoid having boys walk across Llandilo Avenue to get to a car. The safety of our boys is our collective responsibility!

COVID Coffee Catch ups

This morning we held our first COVID Coffee Catch up via Microsoft Teams. It was a very intimate gathering with only a handful of parents in attendance, but it did allow for some helpful conversations about school life to take place.

I would like to take this opportunity to remind parents about the future catch ups that are planned and how they will work.

How will COVID Coffee Catch ups work?

We are planning a series of Microsoft Teams meetings that parents can drop into with their morning coffee. The sessions will take place each Friday morning between 9:00-9:45am and will range from open question and answers sessions with the Prep Executive Staff through to information sessions targeted towards a particular group of parents on a specific topic. We hope that parents will use these catch ups as an opportunity to increase the connection they have with the School during this unusual time. We will try this approach for the remainder of Term 1 to see if it helps to fill the void that currently exists.

The schedule for the COVID Coffee Catch ups for the remainder of the term and the links for parents to join these sessions are as follows:

  • Week 6 – Friday 5th March 9:00-9:45am – K-2 Reading – What does Reading look like at school and how to support him at home? Audience – K-2 parents.
  • Week 7 – Friday 12th March 9:00-9:45am – Spelling – Learning more about Spelling – how is the same and different from when we were at school? Audience – K-6 parents.
  • Week 8 – Friday 19th March 9:00-9:45am – PYP for beginners – learning more about the PYP framework and how best to engage with the boys at home about their learning. Audience – new parents to the School or those wanting a refresher.
  • Week 9 – Friday 26th March 9:00-9:45am – Q&A (or a general chat) with the Prep Executive. Audience – all parents.

These sessions will replace the regular sessions we typically run in Term 1 and the session that had previously been gazetted for Wednesday 3rd March.

Auxiliary Matters

On Wednesday 3rd March we will be holding the next Auxiliary Meeting. Our usual pattern is to hold one meeting a term in the early evening to allow more parents to attend. I am pleased to say that we will be holding the next meeting onsite at the School beginning at 6:00pm, which allows us to avoid any of the usual student events that take place on a normal day. The event will be held in the Mozart Room with a maximum of 50 people which will allow for appropriate social distancing. If you are planning to attend the Auxiliary Meeting it is essential that you register through the following link. Parents will not be able to bring children with them to this meeting. I look forward to connecting with parents at this meeting.

IPSHA Swimming Championships

Good luck to the boys who are Swimming at the IPSHA Championships on Tuesday 2nd March at SOPAC. Competition will be tough with competitors from over 30 schools representing on the day. IPSHA provides a pathway for swimmers to reach the elite levels of primary school competition. The next level of competition is the Combined Independent Schools with the top swimmers at this level qualifying for the PSSA State Primary School Championships.

Father & Son Breakfast – cancelled

Due to the current COVID restrictions, which prevent parents from being onsite during extended school hours, we have had to cancel next week’s Stage 3 Father Son Breakfast. We look forward to the day when these events can be held again.

Future Enrolments

The Preparatory School is in a very healthy situation with increasing interest for Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten enrolments in the years ahead. Whilst siblings and Old Boys are given priority, it is imperative that parents submit an enrolment application early so that these boys are factored into our numbers and to avoid disappointment.

Chris Wyatt | Head of the Preparatory School 

‘Dear children, let us not love with words or speech but with actions and in truth.’

1 John 3:18

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