From the Head of the Preparatory School

School Officers’ Induction

This morning, we inducted the 2021 School Officers into their leadership roles at a Chapel Service. Over the course of the last few weeks, myself and Mr Lever have had a number of conversations about leadership with the boys. In many situations we seek leadership, however, the greatest form of leadership is when others want to follow you. This ‘followship’ is often the result of what people admire about someone’s character or behaviour. As our Year 6 boys assume formal and informal leadership roles his year, I hope they will be driven by a desire to be young men of principle, integrity and responsibility who genuinely care for others. This style of leadership is often characterised as ‘servant leadership’, modelled to us throughout the life, death and resurrection of Jesus.

Whilst we highlighted the formal leadership roles in our School, it is important to also acknowledge the general leadership that will be shown by all of our Year 6 students this year as they set the standards for all of our boys. One of the greatest acts of leadership they have will be with their Kindergarten buddies as they form special relationships throughout the year that are mutually beneficial.  Our Year 6 boys also play a key role in setting the tone for our School; something that is very important to us at the Preparatory School.

Chinese New Year and the Lion Dance

Today is Chinese New Year, a significant event in the lives of many of our students and for many people in our local neighbourhood. To celebrate this occasion and to support the students’ appreciation of the Chinese culture, Ms Kang organised for a Lion Dance demonstration on Thursday morning. For some of our students this was the first time they had witnessed this authentic cultural practice that is commonplace at significant Chinese festivals. The boys were absolutely captivated by the Lion Dance with the loud drumming and spectacular dancing of the lion. This experience will be built on in Mandarin classes to help the boys to make deeper connections between their language learning and the world around them.

Swimming Carnival

Earlier this week we gathered at the Centenary Pool at Summer Hill for our annual Swimming Carnival. The day was a great success with the boys demonstrating great team spirit and participation across the day. I was particularly impressed with some of our less confident swimmers who embraced the smaller 25 metre pool and the less competitive events with great enthusiasm. As always, the relays were the highlight of the day with some very closely contested races. We even managed to squeeze in the Staff v Student relay which the teachers managed to triumph in despite being somewhat hamstrung by the first swimmer (at least I’m still involved). The one disappointment was the absence of parents who offer a lot to events like this by providing additional atmosphere and support. We hope that this might be possible again later in the year.

Congratulations to the following boys who were awarded Age Champions for their all-round performances on the day; Under 8 – Daniel Jin (3He), Under 9 – Aris Ferizis (3Sc), Under 10 – Harris Yang (5Hi), Under 11 – Lachlan Green (6Sc) and Opens – Jaemin Yoo (6Ar). Mr Bremner is still finalising the points tally for House champion.

Congratulations to all of the boys on a fabulous day!

Saturday Sport

Saturday Sport commences this weekend for all boys in Years 4, 5 and 6. Boys who play Cricket, Basketball, Touch Football and Softball play under the IPSHA (Independent Primary School Heads of Australia NSW Branch) umbrella. It is also the beginning of our Intra-School Sport competition for 2021. Teams have been finalised for this week and boys should be aware of where they are playing and what time their game starts. I would like to remind all parents about the importance of the boys turning up to their match in sufficient time for a warm up and to receive last minute instructions from their coach. It is expected that boys are at venues 30 minutes before the scheduled start of play.

IPSHA sets out clear guidelines and codes of behaviour for players, spectators and coaches. These principles have been attached at the end of this newsletter. I have listed below the main aims and principles of IPSHA sport and I encourage all boys and parents to reflect on these.

  • Enjoyment and sportsmanship must be emphasised at all times
  • Competitors should be encouraged to play hard and strive to win fairly
  • Respect your opponent
  • Team spirit and School loyalty must be given priority over selfish play
  • Foul or rough play is inexcusable
  • Applause should be generously bestowed on good play from both teams
  • Excessive jubilation must be curbed so as not to show contempt for an opponent
  • The referee’s decision is final and beyond reproach
  • Complaints concerning the conduct of games must not be made during or after the game but must be referred to the School (either Mr Bremner or me)

Trinity Grammar School Sport Code of Conduct

I also refer you to the link to the Trinity Grammar School Sport Code of Conduct, I ask that you reinforce these principles with your son and uphold them yourselves of a Saturday. At Trinity we encourage boys to be gracious in winning as well as in defeat. The shaking of an opponent’s hand at the completion of any game is expected and good play from an opposition team should be acknowledged in an appropriate manner. No player should criticise any teammate and there is to be no swearing or fighting on the playing field for any reason, or as the result of any provocation. All Trinity teams are to be immaculately turned out in the correct playing strip and non-Trinity items of clothing are not to be worn. At all times boys are expected to give 100% effort.

Year 3 Sport

At the time of writing this I am hopeful that the weather doesn’t prevent this afternoon being the first of five Year 3 Sport sessions for the term held at Prep. This Term’s programme focus is Football. Every Thursday, during Sport time, the boys engage in competitive games between teams made up from the Prep and Junior Schools. Each of the Friday afternoon sessions is designed to further develop the students’ skills in preparation for the upcoming games.

Llandilo Development

Next week promises to be a big week with the Llandilo Development as we anticipate eight concrete trucks descending on the site to pour approximately 40 cubic metres of concrete. This slab will be the base of the extension to the existing building at the southern side, closest to Llandilo Avenue. This section of the building will consist of the STEAM Lab on the lower ground floor, a shared STEM lab on the upper ground floor and a Year 5 Lab on the first floor. Over the coming weeks there will be a series of concrete pours as this section of the building takes shape. The builders are continuing to time their works so as not to interfere with drop off or pick up.

COVID restrictions

Whilst COVID restrictions continue, there has been one further adjustment with 2 parents allowed to accompany each student to sporting venues on Saturdays. Entry to inside venues will continue to be limited by the 2 square metre rule and parents are reminded to maintain social distancing at all times.

The updated Trinity COVID protocols can be found at this link.

Kiss and Ride

I am delighted to report that Kiss and Ride has returned to the efficiency of 2020. I want to express my sincere thanks to all parents for their contribution and support over the first couple of weeks as we navigated a change in our systems due to the building works and no co-curricular activities operating.

I would ask that parents continue to use the name signs provided by the school to support the teachers as they announce your arrival to the boys. This is an essential cog in our system regardless of whether parents are picking up by car or foot. We would ask that parents also bring the signs with them to pick students up at the conclusion of co-curricular activities to ensure this is smooth and efficient process.

Trinity Instagram

At the recent Auxiliary meeting, it was brought to my attention that the Prep School was letting the team down a little with regards to our populating social media. I can appreciate that parents are keen to be part of what we are doing at school, particularly in light of the current COVID restrictions. We are always open to feedback and have responded this week. If Instagram is your thing, be sure to check out the Trinity Grammar School page to see posts about some of the larger whole school events that take place. Seesaw will continue to be the main source of class-based posts and should be the first place you visit.

Prep School procedures

If your son is unwell and absent from school, please notify the school through the School App.

If you would like to request leave for your son on a school day, including Sport on Saturdays, please email this request through the School App, addressed to me so that it can be approved. Please ensure this is done with appropriate notice.

If you drop your son off late to school, please send him directly to the School Office to be signed in before heading to class. This should be accompanied by a notification to the School through the School App. If you need to pick your son up early, please complete a notification through the App and we will arrange for him to be ready at the appropriate time. Under the current COVID restrictions, it is best to come to the Llandilo Gate where you can buzz the intercom system and the Office Staff will send organise for your son to meet you at the gate. Notifications through the App allow us to fulfil our legal requirement with regard to attendance.

We understand that as boys become older there may be times that they need to bring a mobile phone to school in order to communicate with parents about travelling arrangements. If this is the case, we request that you write to seek permission for the phone. This can be done via your son’s Class Teacher. It is also essential that all mobile phones are handed to the Class Teacher at the beginning of the school day and collected at the end of the day. Likewise, if you would like your son to make his way home from school independently, please contact that School Office in writing.

In recent years we have adopted a firmer stance on student use of smart watches, particularly watches that contains sim cards. We welcome your support in keeping these watches at home or removing the sim card so that they can’t be used to communicate at school.

“Instead, whoever wants to become great among you must be your servant, and whoever wants to be first must be your slave ­– just as the Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve, and to give his life as a ransom for many.”

Matthew 20:26-28

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