From the Head of the Junior School

You have heard that it was said, ‘Love your neighbour and hate your enemy.’ But I tell you, love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you, that you may be children of your Father in heaven. He causes his sun to rise on the evil and the good, and sends rain on the righteous and the unrighteous.

Matthew 5:43-45

Today, the boys and staff had the opportunity to farewell our Teacher’s Aide, Mrs Emily Brown, who has been working at Trinity for over fourteen years. Mrs Brown has made an enormous difference in the education of boys, especially supporting their learning needs in the early years. Many older boys who have successfully completed their schooling have been positively influenced by Mrs Brown across their journey. We thank Mrs Brown for her service to the School and wish her well in her next adventures which include devoting more time to her own young boy.

We also congratulate Mrs Mary Wang, who on Wednesday night was the recipient of an Outstanding Teacher’s Service Award from the Professional Teachers’ Council of NSW for her enormous contribution to providing quality education. In the Junior School, we already know this to be true of Mrs Wang but are especially pleased that her additional voluntary work with the Chinese Language Teachers’ Association has been noticed and acknowledged. Congratulations, Mrs Wang!

Throughout the first few weeks the boys have heard the message that they do not have to be the best but should always seek to do their best. I am delighted to report that it is a mantra evident in the boys’ approach to tasks so far this year; in the classroom, at sport and activities, in familiar and new endeavours. We strive to acknowledge their application, positive approach and achievements in lots of ways: through words of praise; fist-pumps; pats on the back; smiles; thumbs-up; as well as certificates and ribbons. In the Junior School we do celebrate excellence and acknowledge outstanding performances, including victory. However, we want boys to learn that individual and collective success takes many forms and that finishing first, jumping highest or scoring the most are only a few of the measures of success. The self-satisfaction of knowing you have given your all in every endeavour is the real prize.

Thank you to all parents who are patiently and safely using the carpark and observing the traffic regulations. As predicted, the flow of traffic has certainly improved in recent weeks between 3pm and 3.30pm, although we particularly require the cooperation of parents now doing a later pick-up from co-curricular activities. At this later time, with boys finishing from all sections of the School and coaches providing supervision, the familiar ‘flow’ facilitated by the Junior School teachers is not in operation. Therefore, you will not be able to wait in the painted pick-up zone if your son is not ready and will need to either lap again, or park and meet your son at the pedestrian crossing. The Headmaster has written extensively about traffic in and around the School in his column today and I commend it to your reading. In particular, he encourages every driver to consider this challenge and responsibility through the lenses of: safety; modelling; relationships; character-formation; and reputation. Please make yourself familiar with our Traffic Management Plan and adhere to it. Your school community would appreciate your support in helping our carpark and traffic arrangements to work well.

Next Wednesday, Years 5 embarks on camp at the Crusader campsite on beautiful Lake Macquarie. The campsite has been significantly upgraded in recent years and the boys will be some of the first to enjoy some of the new cabins as well as camping out for one night. Camps serve as an opportunity to develop and extend relationships as well as participate in a wide variety of adventurous activities, including individual and team challenges. Camps assist in the boys’ development of independence, collaboration, responsibility and life skills as well as providing wonderful social experiences beyond the confines of the classroom. Camps can also be the first step for parents in allowing boys greater responsibility and freedom as they stay away from home, possibly for the first time. Please ensure that packing lists, arrangements for departure and pick-up are carefully noted. Any medication should be given to the class teacher with completed permission to administer instructions prior to departure. I have no doubt that our boys will rise to the challenges ahead of them. Please note that teachers will only be using Seesaw very sparingly from camp, allowing them to focus on their main responsibility of caring for the boys, and also allowing the boys the chance to tell you their camp stories for themselves when they get home!

All students in K-6 should have returned the 2021 Information and Communication Technology Agreement by today. If you have not yet discussed, co-signed and returned it to the class teacher, please do so over the weekend for Monday. This agreement is renewed annually and the conversations around it are important in our ongoing support and guidance of the boys.

In a fortnight, the boys will be supporting ‘A Day without Speech’ and raising their awareness of communication needs when they go without speaking in support of OIC Cambodia. We have distributed information (via class Canvas and Seesaw pages) about how to donate or provide sponsorship for your son’s silence so that we can continue to make a difference (all donations are tax-deductible). Please support generously and even challenge your son to go beyond what we will do at school. Many have already generously pledged with 3B currently the highest sponsored class.

We are a growing school and places in the Junior School are increasingly in demand. Our Enrolments Team have asked me to communicate to current parents with younger sons the importance of submitting enrolment applications as early as possible. Entry for younger brothers is prioritised, as long as there is availability, but in some year groups, available places for 2022 and 2023 commencement are already unavailable or very limited.

Well done to the boys and coaches at last Friday afternoon’s Year 3 Sport session. The programme continues today and then for three more weeks. Friday afternoons are particularly busy with after school co-curricular activities so parents picking-up students are asked to do so punctually and to move off site soon afterwards, as many other parents need to access the carpark throughout the afternoon. Well done also to our swimmers who competed at Scots yesterday as preparation for the IPSHA Carnival in Week 6. We wish them great success in all their carnivals. All the best to our cricketers, basketballers, tennis players, touch football, intra-sport and softball players in their games across Sydney tomorrow morning – fingers crossed that the weather allows games to proceed. We also wish our ISDA Debating team all the best for their first debate this evening against Redlands. It may be Friday afternoon, but so many of our boys have a busy 24 hours of school events ahead!

Mark Dunn | Head of the Junior School

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